On November 27, 1982, the reporter "Zhuzhu" interviewed a  Weng Meiling at the TVB station

Since she was chosen to play the role of Huang Rong in The Legend of the Eagles, everyone's attention was focused on Weng Meiling, and she was described as "a woman of 3,000 favourites". However, this seemed to be an endless pressure on her, and she said.

"I was worried that if I didn't do a good job as Huang Rong, I wouldn't know what the outside world would say."

The company had reassured her that she should not worry about what the outside world would say, and that she had been chosen from among the thousands of participants and female artists in the show, so she had her own merits.

"So, if I don't do well, the press will have to bear with me." This girl is clever enough to be a face to the press even before "Shooting Eagles" is released.

When it comes to the casting of Huang Rong, a series of jokes come to mind. It was rumoured that a female artist had offered herself to a fat producer in order to win the role of Huang Rong. When the rumours got worse, the copyist Wang Tianlin finally came forward.

"How outrageous! It is said that I am having an affair with a female artist, who is my niece and her father is an old friend of mine. It's obvious that someone is spreading rumours." As Wang Tianlin spoke, the muscles in his face twitched and everyone could see that Uncle Tianlin was really angry.

What angered Wang Tianlin the most was that the rumour had spread throughout the entire station, and the only person who knew about it was him, the "person in question".
"No one ever told me!" Uncle Tin Lam said.

Of course! How could anyone ask Wang Tianlin to confirm such a thing?

Because the "casting of Huang Rong" almost landed Wang Tianlin in jail, he asked Weng Meiling, in a narrow-minded manner, if there was any special "method" used to win the role of "Huang Rong" over other rivals. "method"?

"Yuck! What the hell! Who do you think I am?" Weng Meiling said with a slight sigh of anger. Then she added.
"So there are really too many people in this circle who like to make fools of themselves. If one is sober enough to think about the whole thing, one will find that it simply can't happen."

"So your affair with Kent Tong was stirred up by the same people?" I asked.

"I'm tired of people asking me about him. I'm good friends with him, and I'm good friends with other male artists too. My career has just taken off and I don't want to fall in love during this period of time, so I don't want to be distracted. Frankly speaking, the opportunity to get Wong Yung is once in a lifetime and I must try my best to grasp it."


Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4558513650536736

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因为一次 “选黄蓉”,几乎令王天林身陷“囹圄”,便促狭地问翁美玲,能够击败其他对手夺得“黄蓉”角色,可也有用什么特别“方法”乎?