"A touchstone for the modern man who is used to being an ancient man

[Interview with Yawong Neiwen]

For every artist in the entertainment industry, there are many factors that contribute to their success, including their own qualifications, hard work and luck. In the case of Ms. Weng Meiling she has the right conditions, she is willing to work hard, and she has the luck to be chosen as Wong Yung out of 3,000 applicants. Although she did not succeed in the Pageant of Hong Kong competition, she has used the event to break into the entertainment industry and launch her second career.

After studying textile design in the UK, she worked in this field until she returned to Hong Kong to take part in beauty pageants and was then recruited by TVB, which made it necessary for her to say goodbye to textile design for a while in order to develop her silver life. First, she was the host of the women's show "Women's New Look" with Chan Chi Chung and Samson, then she was cast in the martial arts drama "Thirteen Sisters", and was chosen to audition for the role of "Huang Rong".

"I think I'm quite lucky that the company gave me a lot of opportunities," she says, stressing that she is "not a greedy girl".

"How does it feel to have been chosen to play Huang Rong?"

"Of course I'm happy!" She smiles subtlety, her emotions not at all moved by the subject. "But I wouldn't have been disappointed if I wasn't selected to play her!"

Although she was so calm and unconcerned, I knew she had bought a set of "The Eagle" and studied it hard before it was revealed.

And then she told me, "It's only right to take one step at a time. I'm just starting to learn how to act, so I hope I can do it well first."

" She plays the role of the "Double Princess" in "The Thirteen Sisters". I believe she will be very easy to please.

"I'm quite petite, so I'm perfect for this role."

"The 13 Sisters is a martial arts-based drama, and while Yang Pan Pan and Huang Xing Xiu are all accomplished players, Weng Meiling is a newcomer. How can they cope with the newcomer?

"I've only been shooting for two weeks and there are no scenes where I have to fight. I can't tell you if I can handle it, but I'm sure I'll have a martial arts instructor to teach me when the need arises. I'm sure I'll be good at it." She is very confident.

The most enlightening thing for her was the opportunity to do a costume drama right from the start, which she had only dreamed of!
"After 20 years of being a modern person, it's refreshing to try being an ancient person," she says. "The most interesting thing about this drama is that I have to wear my hair and the clogs in Qing costume."

Another unforgettable experience was when she had her first all-nighter on the set of 13 Girls.

"One night when we were shooting a night scene, it kept raining and we waited until it was light before we finished the scene. But I had a 7.30am deadline and had to continue shooting, so I couldn't go home and I didn't know where to rest."

For performers who are used to filming, working through the night may be a common occurrence, but it was the first time for the first-time actress, so she said it was very memorable. However, she will be staying out all night more often than not, as her lifestyle will change once she enters the world.

"What do you expect of yourself?" I asked her. Everyone who enters this world has expectations. Or are they attracted by the colourfulness of it?

"I just go with the flow. If I am given this opportunity, why don't I try it? I don't have any particular expectations. I just want to do my job, I'm dedicated! I know what I can do. If I find I can't do it, I'll back off."

What is she referring to? Fame? What does she mean?

"Some people spend most of their lives and still don't achieve anything, but I certainly don't. I'm willing to take some time to try my best, and if I can do well, I'll continue, otherwise I'll take my hands of it and I can go back to my old job or work in another industry," she says.

With her education, she is certainly not worried about a career in this field. It seems that she really has the determination to make it or break it, and would rather give up than sink and float in the sea of stars. It's good to see the light. Perhaps those who have studied have a wiser mind after all.

"I don't think I would have chosen this profession if I was 16 or 17 years old and hadn't studied well, because it's more complicated and there are many opportunities for naive people to make mistakes."

"Do you find this world complicated?"

"Yes, it's easy to get lost if you don't have enough determination." She said frankly.

"Is your family comfortable with you being here alone?" Her family is in England, and she is currently living with her aunt, her godmother.

"At first they weren't sure, and my mother was worried about me being in this circle! But they trust me and I won't do anything wrong." Then she said, "My mum calls every week.
I tell her what's going on, and I write her a letter every week."

When she smiles, the shape of her mouth is sweet and her eyes shine brightly. When it comes to her family, she's a little more coy: "I'm the only daughter in the family, so of course I'm missed. I do the same for them, but you have to be independent. I can't help it! My mum always reminds me to be careful before she puts down the phone. I have to be careful."

Of course my aunt was unsure about her beautiful only daughter, who was a one-woman showbiz operation in Hong Kong.

"There is a saying. If you're not cut out for it, don't do it! I've said I'll leave as soon as I find out I'm not the right type!" She said again.

This led me to speculate: would she be a rising star in the Milky Way, or a comet that flashed by? It all depends on her performance as Wong Yung and the audience's reaction. While "Double Gege" is a test, "Huang Rong" is a litmus test for her future.


source: http://www.barbarayung.net/ Hong Kong New Art Weekly written by Lee Monk 


「雙格格」是試金石 做慣現代人要學做古人