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"Yulang TV" report No. 285, published on March 8, 1983.

Yung Mei Ling has just recovered from her eye injury and continues to work on the drama "The Legend of the Condor Heroes". She had five stitches at the corner of her left eye, but makeup covers this and it was not noticeable in the scenes. She managed to escape disaster without any changes. After becoming the "One-Eyed Huang Rong", Yung Mei Ling also claimed that she was still in a state of confusion and will have to be even more careful when filming martial arts scenes in the future. 

How well Yung Mei Ling plays the pretty Huang Rong is left to the audience to criticize, but it is undeniable that her large eyes add to her charm and beauty. If her eyeball was injured by a flying sword that day, it would not only make her regret it for the rest of her life. Nor can we appreciate another window into her soul. 

Probably because of preconceptions, the audience always likes to compare her with Michelle. Her own opinion is, "I have never seen Michelle's "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", so I don't know if my role as 'Huang Rong' can be compared with hers. But I try my best to play this role well, and I hope the audience will accept it." In the next episode, Huang Rong may change roles Wang Tianlin views Yung Mei Ling's performance this way, "She has tried her best to meet the requirements of the script and gradually eased herself into the role. As of now, she can achieve about 70% of the original novel's 'Huang Rong'. You can't be too demanding on a newcomer." 

When the filming of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" continues, will she still be chosen to play the role of middle-aged "Huang Rong"? This is an unknown quantity. Xiao Sheng believes that she is still young and childish, and may not be qualified at that stage. Yung Mei Ling still has confidence in herself, although she also admitted, "The company only notified me to shoot "The Condor" at the beginning. I would not be surprised if the role of "The Condor" changed. Of course, I am also mentally prepared to continue acting. The middle-aged 'Huang Rong'." 

Twenty-four of the same year, I like petite to say that Yung Mei Ling is young is not an understatement. She is just 24 years old this year, the same age as Kent Tong. To put it bluntly, the women that Kent Tong pursued are all petite and exquisite, with sweet smiles, although he often acts as her "chai". "Kefu" took her to and from Jiancheng for filming, but she still didn't admit that she was close to Kent Tong. Even when he came to visit her when she was hospitalized, she was still half-serious: "We are not dating, just ordinary colleagues. !” My impression of Kent Tong is that he looks childish on the outside, but is actually very taciturn. When he is happy, he just smiles cheerfully. He is a very rational person. You would not imagine her to be ecstatic. Kent Tong's view of her is that she is a very enthusiastic and open-minded girl who is active and determined in her work, and has a stubborn side. Foreign temper, complicated feelings.

Yung Mei Ling grew up in the UK and was exposed to the open-minded style of foreigners, but she said that when choosing a partner, Chinese people are her first choice. Bookish men are also good. Logically, they should be a couple with great potential, but the two of them are avoids talking about this issue in front of others. After repeated questioning, she finally confessed, "My acting career is still in its infancy. Now that I have the opportunity, I will not let it go. There are some emotional issues that bother me, but I just miss the performance. Everything else will develop naturally.” There are many TVB artists, and the competition is fierce as you can imagine. During the "fighting" period, there is no time to focus on romance, not to mention that gossip is not very beneficial to female artists. Kent Tong also understands this. Having tasted the feeling of falling out of love twice, he can't help to  disclosed their relationship easily, and they already had a tacit understanding in each other's minds, and everything was kept secret. Is silence better than sound?



翁美玲的俏黄蓉演得如何,有待观众俾意见批评, 但无可否认,她那富有灵气的双眸,为她凭添份妩媚俊俏,假使当日被飞剑伤中眼球,不单只令她遗憾一辈子,我们也不可以再欣赏她的另一扇灵魂之窗。


下集黄蓉 可能易角




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