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KennethTsang Kong player Wong Rong's father The legend of the condor heroes.


Tsang Kong (English: Kenneth Tsang Kong, 5 October 1934 - 27 April 2022), formerly known as Tsang Kon Yat, was a Hong Kong actor who won his first Golden Film Awards for Best Supporting Actor in 2015 with Overheard 3.

曾江(英語:Kenneth Tsang Kong,1934年10月5日-2022年4月27日),原名曾貫一,香港男演员。2015年憑《竊聽風雲3》首奪金像獎最佳男配角。


Annoucement of Kenneth Tsang death

 The late Tsang Kong, one of the most famous actors of his generation, died suddenly after 70 years in film and television
The actor was found dead in a designated quarantine hotel room yesterday. He was found dead in a designated quarantine hotel room. The family told the press today. Tsang Kong had a long career in the film and television industry and had many classics to his name. No matter whether he was a loyalist or a traitor, he would always play his best as long as he could

一代小生曾江猝逝 縱橫影視圈70載經典無數


Kenneth  Tsang talking about Yung Meiling in the generation show 2014 June 28

The man sitting with white hair is Kenneth Tsang. The following is what he said in the interview.

In 1983, I was forty-five years old while Yung was about twenty. I played the role of her father in LOCH. TVB had finalised among thousands applicants three possible persons to play the role of Wong Rong and I was the one to audition the three.

Yung was from England and a foreigner to me. I recommended her and finally TVB did pick her to play the role of Wong Rong. Wong Rong is a girl with clever personality and there is no way she would listen to what her father had told her on things not to do. There were so many Wong Rong characters over the years but I have to say she had remained the best.
End quote.


Best of the Beat 2017-11-5 (Kenneth Tsang about_Yung Meiling)
Hosted by: #Lai Chi Shan
Episode 8 Guests: Kenneth  Tsang, Wu Fung, Hui Shiu Hung











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