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Lee Heung Kam guilt about the death of Weng Meiling, interview in program :Guest at the Chi Wan Dinner 2008 September 23.

During the filming of "The King of Rusty Bridge", Lee Heung Kam played the role of Weng Meiling's mother in the drama and she recognized Yung Meiling as her goddaughter. It's been years since Weng Meiling's suicide, but Lee Heung Kam still feels uneasy when she thinks about it:

"That night after filming, I offered her a ride home, but she said, 'No, mum, you're going to the film location tomorrow. I was really upset when I heard at the film location that she had killed herself at home the next day. ...... Maybe if I had given her a lift that night, she wouldn't have died because I could already tell she was very unhappy. But her own mother later reassured me saying, "It's no use even if you had given her a lift, she wanted to kill herself ...... she'll still would have done do it."

"She was very unhappy at that time, she would cry when she said a word or two, and I always advised her not to be sad about her feelings, she should focus on her career while she was still popular." She called a man (not Tong Chun Yip) but he switched off the phone. Another man knocked on her door but thought that no one was there and left, so her own mother said, 'My daughter's life was in the hands of that man! "



Lee Heung Kam (13 January 1932 - 4 January 2021), formerly known as Lee Shui Kum, was a Hong Kong actress and former TVB and Asia Television actress of Cantonese origin. She worked in Cantonese opera before joining the film and television industry.

She became famous for her role as a villain in the film "Yuanyang River's Remains", and then spent a long time acting as a villain in films, becoming one of the rare female villains in the black and white TV era. She started playing villainous roles on TV when she joined the television industry in the 1970s. Her father was the actor Cheung Woo-yue.

李香琴(英語:Lee Heung Kam,1932年1月13日-2021年1月4日),原名李瑞琴[7],人称“琴姐”,祖籍廣東順德勒流鎮番村,香港女演員,前無綫電視及亞洲電視女藝員,投身電影及電視劇界前於粵劇出身。







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