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Maggie Cheung man Yuk, September 20, 1964, is a world-renowned actress of Hong Kong, China, and a first-class actor of Hong Kong Cultural and artistic talent center [2]. She has won five Hong Kong Film Awards and four Taiwan Golden Horse Awards. She is the record holder of these two awards. She has also won the Berlin Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. She is the first actor in the Chinese speaking district to receive this honor. Both parents are from Shanghai.

張曼玉(Maggie Cheung Man-yuk,1964年9月20日-),中国香港殿堂級、國際知名女演員,香港文化艺术人才中心一级演员[2]。共獲得五屆香港電影金像獎影后,四屆台灣金馬獎影后, 是這兩項殊榮的紀錄保持者,也曾获得柏林电影节影后及戛纳电影节影后,是华语区第一个获得该荣誉的演员。父母均為上海人。


Early experience

Born in British Hong Kong, Maggie Cheung immigrated to Kent at the age of 8. She spent her childhood and adolescence in England and studied in Kent high school. When I was young, my dream was to become a hairdresser. When I was 16, I worked as a clerk in a London bookstore. In 1982, when he returned to Hong Kong to visit his relatives at the age of 17, he became a part-time advertising model in the downtown area. In 1983, at the age of 18, she took part in the beauty contest of "Miss Hong Kong" and won the prize of runner up and best actress. In the same year, she represented Hong Kong in the Miss World beauty pageant in the United Kingdom and entered the top 15. After that, she began to enter the film and television industry.

Initially, she signed a contract with Hong Kong TVB as an actor and participated in shooting many TV series. His representative work is the classic wireless TV series "elder martial brother Xinzha" (1984). Other TV series starring him include "drawing a rainbow" (1984), and "Wulin family" (1985).






True colors

In 1984, Maggie Cheung first appeared on the screen with Prince Frog (1984). It was the top ten blockbuster films in Hong Kong in 1984, and later starred in the films of fate (1984), new year old films "good luck at Christmas" (1985), and "modern fairies and strange luck" (1985). During this period, Maggie Cheung played a role of pure and delicate girls, although it was a natural performance She doesn't need much acting skills, but because of her outstanding appearance and unique fresh temperament, she has attracted the attention of a large number of audiences and film critics. Among them, fate in 1984 made her "the most promising actress" by critics.

The classic role of this period is the girl friend may, who plays detective Chen Jiaju (Jackie Chan) in Jackie Chan's "Police Story" (1985). This pure and lovely role makes Maggie Cheung appear fresh and dazzling in Jackie Chan style martial arts comedy style, and become one of the most popular foreign actresses in the Japanese fans' votes in the year. After that, she also appeared in the sequel to the police story (1988), Police Story 3 super police (1992), and she was also well known for the series. However, she did not continue to participate in the sequels of the series, "Police Story 4: simple tasks" (1996) and "new police story" (2004).

TVB had cast Barbara Yung and Kent Tong in a period drama, Kings of Ideas (橋王之王) but due to the death of Barbara Yung, the role was assigned to Cheung.










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