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Benny Li worked together with Weng Meiling in 1982 in the TV-shows "Woman today".

Benny Li, born December 30, 1956 is a Hong Kong writer and the author of novels, essays, food reviews, books and columns in newspapers. He has hosted tourism and catering programs on TV. In addition, during the peak tourist season, he also led tour groups.

Benny Li was born in Shanghai and grew up in Luwan District. His father was an Indonesian overseas Chinese. In his early years, Li studied in Luwan No.1 Central Primary School (now Luwan No.1 Central Primary School in Huangpu District of Shanghai) and Shanghai No.22 middle school (now Shanghai No.12 Middle School). When I entered the third grade of primary school, he met the cultural revolution and stopped school. In 1979, he came to Hong Kong with his sister to make a living. At first, he worked as a repairman in an electronics factory. Later, he became a reporter of Hong Kong weekly, and then became a writer. He worked as a journalist of Hong Kong weekly from 1981 to 1982. From 1982 to 1984, he served as the interview director of Qingya weekly and was promoted to chief editor of City Weekly in 1984. Until 1991, he became the editorial director of Ming Pao supplement. After leaving in 1995, he became the editor's consultant of the supplement of Chengbao, and left in 2001.

 In addition, Benny Li has hosted a number of radio programs, including Radio Hong Kong's "happy new route", "happy north and South", "fortune life 100 points", commercial radio's "Li chunen's meeting room" and Metro Radio's "fancy two in". He has also presided over a number of TV programs, including CCTV's "Jenny's reception room", Phoenix Satellite TV's "Qiang Qiang three people's walk", sunshine satellite TV's "tea house talk about coquettishness", Hong Kong TVB's "endless harmony", Hong Kong TVB's "Li chunen's big food tour", and Jiangsu Satellite TV's "star chef arrives". At present, Benny Li writes a column on life and diet in Apple Daily and Headline Daily. Benny Li first appeared in the 1986 film "the story of the rose" theme song "the last rose" music film, as the hero.



1983 August 20: Interview City Weekly, "Weng Meiling's former boyfriend makes a choice"






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