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When Yung Meiling first accepted the role of "Huang Rong", she once wrote this article 

"Life is like a stage",

Just like I walked on the beauty pageant that day, just like I appeared on this stage today, Everything is unbelievable to me. Now that I have set foot on it, I can only move forward with a straight chest, and I will not allow myself to hesitate or linger... "

Losing the Miss Hong Kong 1982 is undoubtedly a disappointment. I believe it is a normal feeling. Who would be happy with failure? But I got new experiences and entered the TV industry because of this.

I felt very novel and exciting at first. Gradually knowing that this door is not easy to break through. Although I have been discouraged, angry, and cried because I was afraid that I did not do well. But I am still working hard, learning, and adapting, only to be able to truly devote myself. I am a very contented and self-reliant person.

I remember being very satisfied when I found out that I could act in "Thirteen Sisters". At the beginning, I was so afraid that I could not do it, or that I could not do it well, but these feelings are all normal. There must be a first time in everything, and I used all my courage to accept this challenge.

1983 Pretty Huang Rong

The god of luck really loved me, and the "Huang Rong" that I never even dreamed of fell on me. Of course, I was pleasantly surprised by it, and then I felt that the challenges in front of me became more and more difficult. But I can't shrink back, I can't be afraid, and I can't fail. In other words, I have to go all out to do this Huang Rong well. It's really not easy for someone like me who is still young in acting and not good at martial arts to take on this role? In addition, I heard that sister Michelle really played Huang Rong very well, so it is inevitable that the audience will compare me with her in the future, and the inner pressure will be even greater. Although I have never watched "Shooting the Condors" in the past, I have seen sister Michelle's superb acting skills, so how should I play Huang Rong well today? There are only six words "courage, hard work, and dedication", and I can play Huang Rong in my mind with these six words.

1983 "Shooting the Condors"

Since I haven't seen the episodes of "Shooting the Condors", I must read the original story to understand the plot and the development of the characters, so that I can deeply understand what kind of girl Huang Rong is. I undoubtedly fell in love with this story, but Huang Rong Failed me. Because the "Huang Rong" written by Mr. Jin Yong is indeed brilliant, for a fifteen-year-old girl. She is so beautiful,  dedicated and cute. But on the other hand, she is also selfish, sinister and willful, and she has mixed feelings. So in the role of Huang Rong, I have the opportunity to play a multi-faced character, which is a test of myself. Although I do my best, I am still afraid that my performance will not be the ideal.

1983 Thirteen Sisters

I remember that when I played "Thirteen Sisters" I felt very relaxed, but this time I was dissatisfied with my performance everywhere, maybe because I have raised my own expectations. Many times I can't sleep because I didn't do well, or I can't forget a certain performance even in my dreams. I really didn't exaggerate my feelings. I believe it's all because of my limited experience that I have this kind of psychological pressure! As for martial arts, it is another challenge for me. The practice of martial arts is not a success overnight.

In 1983, the martial arts instructor Cheng Xiaodong really had to spend a lot of effort to make me, a layman, a chivalrous woman. , a bit timid, always feel that hands and feet can't be united, it's because I can't care about my face when I want to fight, because dancing with a knife requires agility and a sense of rhythm, and you need to cooperate well with your opponent.

Sometimes I really can't believe that I can beat someone so hard and can face the weapon of the move. Or if you have to jump from a tall building or a big tree more than ten feet high, hang the whole person in the air more than 20 feet high, or fight underwater. These actions I  experienced for the first time.

Courage really helps It took me a lot of work, and at first, with this courage, everything went well. Until there was a scene where I was fighting alone against three people. Because I didn't coordinate well with the rhythm, accidentally my left eye was cut by the opponent's weapon. I remember that I instinctively covered my left eye tightly and tried to hold back the tears, but I already felt a dull pain. The panic because of blood made tears rolling down like soybeans, and I couldn't hold it anymore. After listening to a lot of comforting words, I felt my body was being carried into a car. At this time, my mood gradually changed from panic to calmness. Tell yourself: "Nothing will happen at all, if little pain can't be tolerated, big things won't happen!" When the doctor said five stitches, it was like they were going to be stitched into my heart. The hesitation and bitterness in my heart can no longer be concealed, and the condolences from everyone around me They are all so kind, ah! and "Mom, you can't know about this!"

1983 Shooting the Condors I was surprisingly happy and couldn't wait to see how ugly the five stitches under the gauze were. I accepted this happening with the worst thoughts. I hated and feared that I would be disfigured from now on, and I couldn't lose my appearance! There are still 40 episodes of "Shooting the Condors" unfinished, I really don't want to die, so I was very excited and contradictory at the time, no doubt I was more worried about work than myself, I always felt that if this happened, I couldn't continue acting , It can be said that all previous efforts have been wasted. Although I may not be good at acting, I have worked hard and struggled.

Thankfully, I was fine except for the darker double eyelid of my left eye. Many people thought that I would be wary and afraid of martial arts from now on. I don't know where the courage comes from, but I am not afraid because of it. Many people care about me and understand me very much. Their friendship makes me full of confidence.

Of course, in this circle, if someone likes you, there must be someone who doesn't like you. So from time to time, I see something about myself in newspapers and magazines, and when I see encouragement and criticism, I am willing to accept it, hoping to know my own shortcomings so that I can do better. But when I read slanderous words, I was very surprised, why did they treat me like this? Could it be that they will be very relieved if I hurt my self-esteem?

Being Huang Rong was assigned by the company, I just did my duty and performed it as best I could. The mental load, inner pressure, and physical effort are all my efforts. I believe that every actor is like this. Why do you want to ridicule my efforts?

Recently, I saw some newspapers and magazines saying that I often lost my temper, and I was arrogant before I became popular. At the beginning, I was really angry about it. Although I knew what the heart of those who said I was, but I couldn’t help but feel that the villain’s heart I must be guarded against. I just asked myself, why did I become arrogant before I became popular , and many people in the circle are very caring and kind. guide me. Such as Kent Tong. Sister Linlin. Ren Dahua and others, they are really kind and amiable, they inspire me from time to time, making me feel like living in a big family and doing it very happily. Even when encountering unpleasant or annoying situations, I will restrain my emotions, but there is a limit to human tolerance. When someone speaks sarcastically, the tone is really hard to let go. I didn’t expect that once I couldn’t bear it, I would be slandered.

Thinking about it, it was really helpless. In just over eight months from the "Woman today" to the present, I have learned many, many things. Although I have melancholy and unhappiness, there is indeed indescribable joy. Undoubtedly I've been lucky to have a great start and hopefully I'll appreciate it Try to learn to adapt to everything. As long as I don't disappoint everyone, I feel that my contribution is worthwhile, and I hope I can in exchange for more support, encouragement and criticism, I get more energy.

Source: Taiwan Happy TV Magazine (P26-30, Issue 11) 

Source: http://www.barbarayung.net/


1982香港小姐選美港姐落選無疑有小小失望,相信是正常的感受,有誰會因失敗而喜悅呢? 但從而認識了很多東西,亦因而進入了電視圈,初時是感到很新奇、剌激。漸漸知悉這道門可不是容易闖過的。


1983 俏黃蓉幸運之神的確很疼我,連做夢也沒想過的「黃蓉」竟然也落在我身上。當然我有為之而驚喜過,隨即我更感到面前的挑戰越來越難倒我。



1983 射鵰「射鵰」的片集既然未看過,我必定要看原著去知悉劇情和人物的發展,使自己深入瞭解黃蓉究竟是怎樣的一個女孩,無疑我愛上了這個故事,但黃蓉卻把我考倒了。

因為金庸先生筆下的「黃蓉」的確精采,以一個十五歲的女孩子來說。她實在太精靈、太專情、太可愛了。但另一面的她卻太自私、太陰邪、太任性了,正是百感交集於一身。所以在黃蓉這個角色中我能有機會去演出多方面的性格,是非常考驗自己的,雖然我用心做好,可是仍恐怕自己的表現未能如理想。1983 十三妹-雙格格



至於武打方面,對我來說又是另一個挑戰,習武是非一朝一夕有成1983 射鵰的,所以武術指導程小東的確要費很多心思使我這個門外漢成為一個俠女,初時對於舞刀弄劍,多少有點心怯,總感到手腳不能合一,正是顧得打來又顧不了表情,因為舞起刀來是需要敏捷和有節奏感,加上和對手要配合好才成。有時真不相信自己會打人打得那麼狠和能夠面對進招的武器。又如遇上要從十多尺高的高樓或大樹跳下來,整個人在廿多尺高空吊來吊去、又或者要在水底一戰,這些動作都是首次親身體驗到,勇氣的確幫了我不少忙,起初就憑這股勇氣,一切都很順利。



1983 射鵰我出奇地很樂天,迫不及待要看看紗布下的五針是怎樣地難看,我以最壞的念頭去接受這件事的發生,我恨害怕自己從此破相,怎樣也不能破相!還有四十集的「射鵰」未完成,我真是死也不甘心,所以當時的心情是非常激動和矛盾,無疑我為工作擔心多於自己,總覺得若因此事而不能演下去的話,可說是前功盡棄,雖然我未必演得出色,但我努力過,掙扎過。謝天謝地,除了左眼雙眼皮更深之外無恙,很多人以為我從此對武打會有戒心和畏懼,不知那裡來的勇氣,我卻因而不怯。很多人對我很關心,心領得很,他們的友情使我充滿信心。


1983 射鵰-曾江飾黃藥師 1983 十三妹與黃杏秀,李琳琳合作 1983 十三妹與任達華合作




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