TV fans melt me with their passion

I can't believe that I also organized a fan meeting. I am an ordinary girl. It's really hard to understand how anyone can be "obsessed". To be honest, I never even dared to imagine to have a fan meeting in my dreams. One is that the fans deserves it, and the other is that it I am afraid of being misunderstood and be called a "show off".

A young girl who is just starting out, how can she follow the example of others and become an idol? However, the little sisters who like me are indeed very enthusiastic. They can wait for a long time at the entrance of the TV station, what they are waiting for is to meet you and ask you to sign an autograph for them. They thoughtfully cut out all your photos from the magazine, and put them neatly in a photo album, which is simply their personal record of me! They can also wait for me to come home from work at midnight, and then ring me up by phone to call me and say “You did a great job on TV tonight”.
Throughout the year, I have corresponded, met and talked to these friends on the phone, and this is how the relationship was formed. Gradually, I stopped thinking of them as my fans and saw them as a group of new friends who knew me and appreciated me. Eventually, I was touched by their enthusiasm and agreed to organize a fan club. I just want to be a good friend to them, to have a few events every year and just have fun. Many of my friends were surprised by the five-year contract with TVB and wondered if there was a mistake. Yes, five years is a long time and I have given it some serious thought.
Since the company offered me a good deal and took the initiative for this,, it was difficult for me to refuse. So I took the plunge and decided to stay in the film industry for another five years.
In fact, I have been looking forward to making films for a long time and I have been approached by many film companies to make films, but I had to turn them down by TVB. Of course, this is out of good intentions. First, the company is worried about schedule conflicts. Second, the company must strictly select scripts for fear of damaging my image. I also agree with this arguments, so I am obediently waiting for my chance. S

Source: Yung Meiling story. P35-37 Commemorating the first anniversary of the death of Yung Meiling / Star Publishing