Date:      Tue, 2 feb 2011 12:52
From:      Steve
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Subject:  my memories

I think the first time I meet Barbara was when you used to come round to the house in Guest Road, which was where Di, and myself, used to live. At the time you were all attending CCAT, although I was working.


Nr.1 Guestroad, on the groundfloor I lived with Di and Di's brother . This place was only a one minute walk from the CCAT. It was a meeting place for all of us including Barbara.

I do remember collecting Barbara from her house, at the takeaway, in Histon. Di and myself used to collect her, (must have been in the Mini), and I am sure on at least one occasion even being invited into the house. I seem to remember we then went to a pub along Histon Road, (I think it was 'The Bunch Of Grapes'?), where we would meet up. (I do not remember how many times we did this though).

A couple of years later we were living in Shelford. I remember Barbara and yourself often coming round for Sunday lunches and then playing Board games and cards. Also I remember you bringing your cat (Asparagus) to stay with us. The cat travelled in a sports bag, often with his head sticking out while you rode your motorbike.

I do remember Barbara as being quiet, almost shy. She did seem to relax the longer she was away from home.

I remember Di and myself going to see her in hospital after her suicide attempt. I do not remember who contacted us to tell us that Barbara was in hospital, (I do not remember why you could not be contacted. I have it in my head that you were in London? But do not know why this would be. This was after all a long time before mobile phones).She was very pleased to see us, (her face seemed to light up when we walked into the ward). Barbara said that we were the first people to visit her, and I felt she was very lonely. We just chatted about things in general, (it did not seem appropriate to mention the obvious topic), and she cheered up a lot. )I think we saw her in hospital a couple of times before she was discharged).


steve 1976


steve sue chris

Together with Sue and Chris 我和Sue ,Chris在一


Date: Tue, 2 feb 2011 12:52
From: Steve
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: my memories






我记得Di和我在她试图自杀后到医院看她。 我不记得是谁通知我们Barbara住院了。(我不记得为什么联系不上你,我印象中你当时在伦敦?但是不知道是为什么有这种印象。那个时候远远还没有手机这种东西。)她看见我们非常开心(我们走进病房时,她的脸色也亮起来了)。Barbara说我们是第一个去看她的人,那时我觉得她很孤独。我们只是泛泛地谈了些事,(当时不适合提起那个明显的话题),她开心了许多。我记得在她出院前我们去看了她几次。


(thanks to Natalie for the translation)


# RE: Memories of SteveSue 2011-02-10 13:01
Really nice to read your memories, Steve. Where have the years gone?! Asparagus sounds like such a character, and I'd loved to have seen him riding pillion with his head poking out of a sports bag!
# RE: Memories of SteveHannah 2011-02-11 02:05
I think she might have been quiet and shy due to the nervousness and stress of home life, especially if things are not happy at home. Just a possible guess. Thanks for sharing your memories Steve. The cat part was really cute and funny.

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