When I made myself know in januari 2010 some fans mailed me and asked me about my memories of Barbara. I started writing down my memories. As those fans read more stories, they noticed that a Barbara appeared they never knew that had existed. As one fan wrote 'reading the stories is like pealing an onion, every story is removing a layer from the Barbara known to the public getting closer to the Barbara as she was in real life'.

Then the discussion started what to do with these memories. The fans had very different opinions. as one fan wrote "I have no doubt that there are still so many people interested in her. We all have fond memories about her, even after so many years. Meanwhile, I personally feel that we shall both respect her and her family's privacy and be very careful in releasing any thing might hurt her/them. Your may have no idea about how crazy those HK reporters were and still are." While another fan said beautifully "Barbara was both private and public so who is to say your stories of her and your past should not be shared. It's only fair to think that you were a prominent part of her short life and your story should be documented in order to salvage her humanity. Ultimately, my thoughts are it's been almost 25 years since her death. She deserves to be remembered and known in different light. Any stories you tell is not going to shatter any reputation she built. She was an idol - every idol has flaws (she was human). We all are but she just had a bit more of sparkle the world was deprived of too soon."

I think that the fans of Barbara that remained fan even after 25 years are very special fans and not the sensation seeking gossip fans. For those fans I made this website. To show what kind of wonderful and complex person Barbara really was, who did not have an easy life. Maybe it will make people understand more why she made certain (dramatic) decisions in her life



我想, 在25年后还能追随Barbara的影迷们是非常特殊的。他们不会是追求轰动新闻和八卦的影迷。为了这些影迷们,我做了这个网站。

(thanks to Natalie for the translation)

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