The Legend of the Unknowns (十三妹) is a TVB television series, premiered in 1983. Starring: Cecilia Wong, Kent Tong, Sharon Yeung, Barbara Yung, Simon Yam. Theme song "Heroine" (巾幗英雄) composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyricist by Wong Jim, sung by Frances Yip. It is a CantoneseWuxia series named Sup Sam Mui also known as The Legend of the Unknowns based on the Qing Dynasty period.

Country of origin: Hong Kong

Original language: Cantonese

No. of episodes: 20

Running time: 45 minutes (20 episodes)

Original channel: TVB

Original release: 24 January 1983 – 18 February 1983

Production Company: Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited
Broadcast date: Januari 14, 1983 - februari 18 1983
Broadcast time Mon to Fri 20:30 - 21:30


Simon Yam Tat Wah as a doctor

Barbara Yung Mei Ling as Manchurian princess, Princess Sheung, the emperor younger sister.

Kent Tong Chun Yip main character son of Chinese Han official

Cecilia Wong Hang Sau main character daughter of Chinese Han official

Sharon Yeung Pan Pan spy

Maggie Lee Lam Lam as Kau Nan Nun 九难师太

Yeung Chak Lum as Emperor

Wong Man Yee as nun disciple

Cecilia Wong is the main character in this serie. Her father and Kent Tong's father are both han chinese officials during the Ching Dynasty. Cecilia's father is framed for a crime and his entire family is to be executed. Cecilia tries to prove her father's innocence. Barbara plays the king's younger sister and is paired with Simon Yam a doctor.

Cecilia's master was the nun. She kept pressuring Cecilia to use Barbara for revenge against the Emperor when all Cecilia wanted was to prove her father's innocence. As for Sharon, she was an undercover placed by her father who worked for the government into Cecilia's master's resistance group to spy. Sharon and Cecilia ended up falling for the same guy. For a little bit, there was a misunderstanding as Cecilia's group thought Barbara was the spy and treated her not too nicely.

Cecilia's master was a former princess the emperor had a crush on her. When the emperor was a child, the nun and her two men went into the palace. The two men wanted to kill the kid but she didn't allow them.

Sharon and Kent fell in love since, they were childhood sweethearts. Kent being very devoted to Sharon but Sharon's dad is against the relationship.

Barbara's character was really feisty and developed a crush on Cecilia's character because Cecilia dressed as a guy when they first met. Barbara and Simon were supporting characters and provided the lighthearted scenes in the series. Barbara was really sweet and innocent but being a princess she was used to getting her way, she was a real handful for everyone to deal with.

The main antagonist was Chu Tit Woh - he played the evil official who was opposed to Cecilia's father at the start.



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