In this series, Tony has two fathers but he doesn't know which one is his biological father. Barbara is a cop who falls in love with Tony. Tony is in the family business which runs a jewellery/department store. Later on he becomes rich. The story is pretty much about Tony's success and his struggles in staying in business. Nevertheless, the series had a strong cast and storyline, making this series worth watching.

Here are some key events in the series.
Tony is a night school teacher who has two fathers, but he never finds out which one is his biological father.
Tony runs into Barbara when she was trying to arrest a prostitute.
Tony thinks that Barbara is a prostitute but finds out that she is a cop when his fathers have to go to the police station after they got into a fight.
Kwan Hoi Shan owns a jewellery store and Ray works for him there.
Tony's fathers fall in love with the same girl, Au Yeung Pui Shan, and so they are very competitive.
Chan Mun Yee dates Ray while Tony dates Barbara.
One of Tony's fathers is the son of Kwan Hoi Shan and so Tony goes to work for his grandfather.
Ray gets jealous of Tony and so Tony is transferred to another department.
Ray and Chan Mun Yee get married but he is involved in illegal transactions.
Tony and his grandfather help Ray to start over.
Tony and Barbara get back together.


Tony Leung Chiu Wai - Chow Kim Hung
Barbara Yung Mei Ling - Tse Bik Wah
Ray Liu Leung Wai - Kong Tin Wai
Money Chan Man Yee - Lum Siu Man
Susanna Au-Yeung Pui San - Ho Piu Piu
Lau Dan - Chow Wing
Kwan Hoi san - Yeung Zhi On

Long Summary:
Chow Kim Hung is a teacher and has two fathers whom he live together with in a small apartment. They would later move into a bigger apartment. His "Bah", called Chow Wing, is a great housekeeper. Hung's "Lo Dow", called Chow Mo is more outgoing. All three takes their turn as a cab driver. Mo is also a part time uniform police officer. Mo and Wing do not get along with each other but they live together because they both claim to be Hung's real father (The series never resolved who the real father was. However, it was mentioned by Wing that he met Hung's wife first. So, he and Hung's mother are probably married and Hung's Lo Dow is someone the mother had an affair with. According to a couple of people in the series, Hung looks more like Mo).

Chow Kim Hung meets Tse Bik Wah one day when he was driving the cab and Bik Wah was a passenger trying to get to an area notorious for prostitution. Hung mistakens her for a prostitute. Bik Wah is actually a cop and she was going to solve a crime involving a murder.
Hung and Bik Wah sees each other again at the school where Hung teaches. Bik Wah mistakens Hung as a student because she thinks he is just a taxi driver. She then realizes that he was the teacher of a classroom. Bik Wah's aunt teaches at the same school as Hung and Bik Wah was substituting the classroom for her aunt. Hung still thinks that Bik Wah is a prostitute because "she has mostly men paging her". Hung doesn't realize that she is a cop until he went to the police station. Apparently, his two fathers got into a huge fight and Wing accidentally hit Mo's head with a glass bottle. Mo decided to take Wing to the police station. At the police station, both fathers told an identical story of Hung's birth with each men switching roles. So, it was never known to anybody (even Hung) who the birth father really is. Bik Wah's father, who recruits clients for his law firm, takes up both of Hung's father as his client. Both men have the intention of suing one another until Hung told them not to. At this time, Bik Wah develops a crush on Hung. Hung's best friend has a crush on Bik Wah
Lum Siu Man is a lawyer just out of law school. She works for the law firm under Bik Wah's father. Her education was paid for by a rich man named Yeung Zhi On who owns a jewelry company. She meets Hung when he went to her office to cancel his father's case. They would then run into each other a couple more times and they became friends. Lum Siu Man also helped one of Hung's student defend a case when his student was wrongfully accused of grand theft. All the evidence went against this student but Hung, who was a witness, knew that his student was innocent. In court, Hung will use his amazing memory ability to help with this case.
Lum Siu Man's life is actually pretty sad. She has a father who always asks her for money and her mother is in need of a liver transplant. She tries really hard to be an honest lawyer but has not had a large case so she has trouble paying for her mother's medical expenses. Lum Siu Man starts to like Hung, but Hung only treats her as a friend.

One day, the three men meet Ho Piu Piu. Piu Piu claims that the apartment they are living in is actually hers. Piu Piu went out with a rich man, who she calls "Chee ge" and the apartment was actually given to her. Piu Piu is a naive girl who does not know how to take care of herself. Both of Hung's father fell head over heels for her and let her live with them because they felt sorry for her. They both fight for her attention but Piu Piu admits that she loves Ah Wing. They will get married later on.

Kong Tin Wai is the grandson of Yeung Zhi On and is one of the top executives at the jewerly company. He meets Siu Man while she was having tea with her grandfather. He tries to court Siu Man and hired her as the company's attorney.
Hung applies to work in Yeung Zhi On's jewelry company and works for a useless boss. In the company, Hung and Siu Man become very close. Bik Wah mistakens them as a couple. Hung doesn't realize that he likes Bik Wah until she got mad at him for some lies that Hung's friend made up. After some arguments, Bik wah and Hung start dating. However, both of Hung's fathers do not approve of her because she's a cop and Hung got injured once for her. They also do not like Bik Wah's father because of Piu Piu's situation.

Kong Tin Wai desperately tries to court Siu Man, but each time he asks her out, he is refused. He became really jealous of Hung because he knows that Siu Man has feelings for Hung.

Hung gets taught by a very respected jewelry inspector who work for the company. He moved to live with this master so he can learn how to sort and identify the best jewelry instantly.

Yeung Zhi On finds out that Chow Wing is actually one of his sons. Wing and Hung moves into the mansion. This did not go well with Kong Tin Wai's mother and uncle. They do not treat Wing well and Wing moves back to live with Mo. Hung gets a higher position at the jewelry company. Wai and his uncle both team up against him. Hung's master gets fired when he was trying to stand up for Hung.

One day, Wai and his uncle both accepted some jewelry that were imitations. They did not want Wai's grandfather to find out so they decided to hire some robbers to steal the fake jewelry. The robbers were secretly told by Wai's uncle to injure Wai. The robbers listened, however, Yeung Zhi On got into the robber's way so he got injured. One of the robbers decides to make an appointment to negotiate with Hung. During the negotiation, Hong Kong police appears and Hung gets shot by the robber and appears to be dying. Bik Wah takes Hung to the hospital and both ofHung's father blamed her for his injury. Hung recovers but Bik Wah leaves Hong Kong to study in England for a higher police position.

Wai confesses to his grandfather that it was he and his uncle who were the instigators for the robbery. Yeung Zhi On forces his son to flee HK and Wai gets demoted in the company.

Siu Man's mother went into the hospital and needed a liver desperately. Wai donated his liver to her mother. Siu Man was very touched and she realized that she loves Wai. Wai and Siu Man gets married shortly thereafter. Wai and Hung starts to become good friends.
Yeung Zhi On dies and in his will, he gave most of the company's responsibilities to Hung. Hung's uncle returned to Hong Kong when he found out about his father's death. He plotted against Hung and regained the company. Hung now works in his student's Jewerly inspecting company while Wai returns to the jewelry company and works besides his uncle.

Hung's little company blooms. On the other hand, Wai's uncle was literally destroying the company. He got the company in debt and devised a plan to rob the company so that he can get insurance money. Wai was secretly working with Hong Kong Police and discloses his uncle's wrong doing. When his uncle found out, it was a little too late. His uncle tried to kill Wai but he was killed by Hung and Wai instead.
In the end, there was a party and Bik Wah shows up. She has returned from England to rejoin Hong Kong police. Hung and Bik Wah talk and in the end, it gave the impression that they most probably will get back together.

The theme song is sung by Anita Miu


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13 years ago
Please correct this translation. She did NOT say "Huang Rong" (Mandarin pronunciation). She specifically said "Wong Yung" (Cantonese pronunciation). Barbara Yung was not speaking in Mandarin. She spoke in Cantonese.
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Mei Ling Fan
13 years ago
Ha! perhaps you could try to TRANSLATE the following interview.
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wow interesting.. I like the way Barbara speaks :)
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