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 1982 11 15 press conference03

In August 1982, Deng Weixiong, deputy director of wireless production, officially announced yesterday that he would start shooting Jin Yong's famous works, the legend of Shooting Heroes and the legend of God carving heroes, with a total of 60 episodes each, supervised by Wang Tianlin and Xiao Sheng respectively.

Although it has been shot by Jiashi before, wireless thinks it is still considerable to shoot again. Deng Weixiong pointed out that TVB had conducted a survey before June to start shooting two dramas, and the results showed that 70% of the people like shooting and God carving. Moreover, the two plays are consistent, so we decided to shoot them together.

Due to the large number of archery characters, wireless artists will come out. Deng Weixiong said that there are more than 200 main characters in the play, and two-thirds of the performers need to be used, and some of them need to be looked out. As for the backstage staff, there will be five directors, ten writers and four editors for each play. At the same time, a total of 10 episodes of shooting need to be shot in the desert. We will consider sending teams to the Middle East, South Korea or Taiwan to shoot.

When TVB acquired Jiashi's shediao and Shendiao, it also bought the new version and invited Jin Yong to be the consultant of the new play. If the new play's broadcast date is early next year, it may be broadcast once or in sections, depending on the audience's reaction.

无线收购佳视的射雕及神雕,同时把版购下,而且还会邀请金庸作新剧顾问,而新剧播映日期,若在明年初,可能 一次过播出,亦有可能分段播映,要视观众反应而定。


In August 1982, Miss Hong Kong Liang Yunrui, together with Hong Kong sister Weng Meiling, who was not elected, and Liu Hongfang, a trainee of the 10th training course, entered the film studio to audition for martial arts drama shooting heroes. All three of them were Huang Rong.

A few days ago, Liang Yunrui once said that she had little confidence in her audition. But she said yesterday that this audition is a great opportunity for him, so she will try her best to seize this opportunity. At present, she works as a staff member in wireless, so if she is really assigned to play this drama, she will sign an artist contract with wireless, just like Kou Hongping.

Another audition participant, Weng Meiling, said that she had never seen the story of the archery hero, so she didn't know what the role of Huang Rong was like. She just took part in the audition the day before yesterday after receiving the notice. Weng Meizhen revealed that a youth drama had originally asked her to audition, but assistant production manager Chen Baozhu did it for that role, which was harmful to her image as the host of the women's new appearance program She plays, so she hopes the audition will be a success.



She used to be a director of Jiashi shooting. Michelle played Huang Rong very well. In the future, those who play Huang Rong will have psychological burden.

Zeng Jiang is also one of the actors who are always in love. When he met Xie Xian in the dressing room yesterday, he said with a smile that they had worked together when they were making a film 30 years ago, but they met for the first time on TV, which is a bit of predestination.

Recently, wireless intends to start shooting the legend of Shooting Heroes. During the Jiashi period, Zeng Jiang was the director and actor of the legend of Shooting Heroes, which caused a boom. Now, how does wireless feel about remaking the play. Zeng Jiang said that TVB's human, material and financial resources today are better than those of that year's ATV. He believes that TVB's performance will be better than that of that year's ATV. Although TVB still uses this story, its expression method can be changed. However, he believes that because Michelle played Huang Rong so well in that year, who will play this role in the future will have a great psychological burden.

无线最近有意开拍射雕英雄传,在佳视时期,曾江曾是射雕英雄传导演兼演员,掀起一阵热潮,而无线如今重拍此剧,他又有何感想了。曾江表示,无线今日以人力物力财力都比当年佳视好,他相信无线拍起来成绩一定会比当年佳视更理想,而且虽然 无线仍是用这个故事,但表达方法可以有所改变,不过他认为,由于当年米雪演黄蓉一角演得太好了,所以将来谁人演此角也会有很大的心理负担。


Michelle's performance is excellent and tiring

TVB started shooting the legend of the shooting hero in October. Now, due to the trouble of the cast selection, the production is postponed to November.

TVB attaches great importance to the remake of shooting and carving heroes. It can be said that only success is allowed, but no failure is allowed. Therefore, TVB is very careful about the selection of actors, and the internal staff have great differences of opinion. Some people even dare not make a decision to avoid being a wok maker in the future. Although Wang Tianlin was a producer, he was unable to decide the actor. He said that all matters related to actors are decided by the top management, and he will only participate in the opinions. Therefore, even the company does not know about the arrangements for new auditions. The company will hand in the cast by the end of September at the latest.

Wang Tianlin believes that the actor's difficulties are partly due to the company's indecision. At present, the company is still at a loss to find actors.



Wang said that in recent days, he had received many letters to propose Huang Rong, including Wang Mingquan, Zhaoyazhi, yangpanpan, qimeizhen and huangmanning. Some people also volunteered to meet Wang Tianlin. However, Wang said that the public solicitation for female actors, regardless of the results, does not rule out the possibility of re selecting wireless female artists. The shooting hero will be shooting in December, which may be far away from South Korea.

Wireless decided to remake the shooting hero biography and the gods and heroes two plays preparation time has been going on for many times, the former will start in December, the latter will be launched in February next year. However, due to the large number of characters, the Radio Artists' lineup is numerous, but also difficult in the selection of the corner, especially the female protagonist Huang Rong, which makes the senior level feel headache. After several discussions, the wireless senior level finally decided to open the request, hoping to use this open consultation to find a better candidate.

Liu Tianci, the wireless production manager, was responsible for supervising the Shooting Heroes and the heroes of the sculpture, Wang Tianlin and Xiao Sheng. Yesterday, they met with reporters and announced to ask for the issue of huangrong in public. The ideal image of huangrong required by wireless is provided that the appearance is sweet, delicate and exquisite, and the character of ice and snow is bright, lively and willful and rebellious, and the age is between 16 and 21 years old. Liu said that the participants are very wide-ranging, can recommend themselves, or nominate new people. The nominees can also nominate existing wireless female artists to take part in this corner, and the nominees may also have the opportunity to audition. If the selected person has no acting experience, he will have the opportunity to attend a two-month training course.

As huangrong is a part of the series of gods and shooting sculptures, it is very important, but the wireless side is afraid that the selected one can not be suitable for the young to the old, so Liu Tianci also does not exclude the possibility of performing two huangrong by two different actors.



In 1982, the television broadcasting company limited openly solicited the ideal candidate for Huang Rong in Hong Kong

Among all the people, none of them was elected. Under frequent discussions, there were only false demands

TVB originally started shooting martial arts drama "the legend of Shooting Heroes" in October this year. Due to the lack of preparation time, it decided to postpone the shooting to December, while the shooting of "the heroes of the divine eagle" will start in February next year. At present, wireless has been a big headache for Huang Rong. The station held a press conference yesterday afternoon to disclose the details of the public acceptance of the nomination. The public acceptance of the nomination is the ideal image of Huang Rong.

Wang Tianlin, Xiao Sheng, Deng Weixiong, Liu Tianci and others attended the reception of ideal Huang Rong image. They first explained the reasons for the delay in shooting. The reason is that Shooting Heroes is a big production. All the costumes, scenery and props are brand new, so it takes time to order. In addition, if a newcomer is selected to play the role of Huang Rong, she will have to receive two months of training. For the above reasons, shooting will be postponed.

Wang Tianlin once strongly recommended Wang Mingquan, Zhao Yazhi, MI Xue, Ouyang Peishan, Yang Panpan and other leading Huadan to play Huang Rong. At the same time, there are also artists who voluntarily recommended themselves, but they were killed by wireless First of all, the ideal candidate in the minds of wireless executives is a girl who is smart, clever and very attractive. She is from 16 to 23 years old. She is lively, willful and rebellious. If she has the above conditions, she will have to play from young to middle age. Therefore, there seems to be no suitable one among the non line artists. Wang Tianlin stressed that wireless hopes to pick a girl to play middle-aged from girlhood. If it can't be found, it has to find two new people to play young girl and middle-aged Huang Rong respectively.

王天林曾力荐汪明荃、赵雅芝、米雪、欧阳佩珊、杨盼盼等当家花旦扮演黄蓉,同时亦有毛遂自荐的艺员,无奈却被无线一 一否决,无线高层心目中的理想人选是要外表聪明、巧慧、且非常惹人喜爱的女孩子,年龄由十六岁到廿三岁,性格活泼任性,叛逆性强的,若具以上述条件,尚须由年轻演到中年,故此,在无线艺员花旦中,似未有合适的。王天林强调无线希望挑中一位女孩由少女时期演到中年,若找不到的话,就唯有物色两位新人,由她俩分别扮演少女及中年时期的黄蓉。


The first group of 24 people to try in four days

The wireless senior management has decided to perform huangrong by qimeizhen, and the candidates are just promoting.

Radio shooting hero biography and the hero of the sculpture publicly recruited Huang Rong to take part in the audition yesterday. The first six people to attend the audition. Presided over by wangtianlin, the supervisor. The six participants in the audition yesterday were pengyuechang, heyushan, Wu Wenhua, Mai Peifang, shenyisi and Wu zhou'er, aged 17 to 23 years old, and some were in the job. Wang said the candidates were very enthusiastic, and 24 candidates were selected by himself and by Gan Guoliang, Xiao Sheng, dengweixiong and zhaochongwen as the first batch to participate in the auditions. The first 24 will be auditioned by six people in four days.

Yesterday, the auditees tried a play from the shooting sculpture, and Liu Dan temporarily filled Guo Jing. A play they tried yesterday will be recorded and selected by wireless executives. Besides the play they tried, they also tried dancing and fighting to see how they were. Although auditions have begun yesterday, they will continue because they are still not closed for registration, and wireless will make a decision at the end of October.

There was a news that: The Legend of Shooting Heroes has been decided by Qi Meizhen as huangrong. Wang said he has not known the decision so far, but he does not rule out Qi Meizhen's possibility of becoming Huang Rong. He also does not deny that the public recruitment of huangrong is a publicity component. But he said that some of the new candidates who were not able to take part in Huang Rong could still have some other roles.

About the preparation of the legend of Shooting Heroes, Wang said that the script outline of the play has been issued, the division of 40 episodes has been written well, and the Division has also been handed over to Jinyong. The script is not changed much compared with the original. However, he said he had asked Jin Yong's consent to revise some of the plot, and that some scenes that were too difficult to take might be cancelled. He said that Yang Tiexin and baoxiweak, two characters of the play, have been selected by Xie Xian and Li Shiqi.

Mr. Kim Yong, the head of Hong Kong's four talented people, was a hero biography consultant in shooting sculpture in 83. Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. had asked Jin Yong to agree to make some changes to the original novel.

曾有消息说:射雕英雄传早已内定由戚美珍任黄蓉。王天林表示 ,他到目前为止仍未知道这个决定,但他也不排除戚美珍担任黄蓉的可能性。他亦不否认这次公开招考黄蓉是有宣传成份。但他表示,这批试镜的新人当中,就算不能出任黄蓉也可能留一些出任其他角色。
有关射雕英雄传筹备情况,王天林表示,目前此剧剧本大纲已出,四十集的分场已写好,且分场亦已交金庸过目。此剧剧本情节跟原著相比,改动的幅度不算大。不过,他表示 已征求金庸的同意将部分情节加以修改,而且有些太难拍的场面可能取消。他表示此剧两个角色杨铁心及包惜弱已选了由谢贤及李司祺饰演。


Other characters have been selected for shooting. Huang Rong is still waiting for the third batch of auditions

The preparation for the radio shooting and carving hero biography has been actively launched. Wang Tianlin, who is responsible for the production of the play, revealed that the work of shooting and carving heroes has been divided into two lines. On the one hand, huangrong, the heroine, is selected, and on the one hand, the script is written. At present, more than ten episodes of the play have been written, and the rest are still continuing.

As for the selection of huangrong, Wang said that more than 50 people were tested in the previous two auditions, several of whom performed well, and there would be a third later, that is, the last one. After the third audition, the radio senior level will select qualified candidates and then decide who is huangrong. Although he is the company supervisor, but the right to choose is the company's hand, he is only to appoint people.

Wang Tianlin also said that because the past Shooting Heroes of Jiashi were so impressed, it is necessary to be careful to remake the play wirelessly so as to avoid the same transmission as the Shooting Heroes of Jiashi.

The candidates for the role of the shooting hero to pass on a play have not been published, except Xie Xian and Li Shiqi. However, Wang Tianlin said that the other characters of the play have been generally determined, but the wireless side hopes to announce other roles only after Huang Rong decides. Wang said that Li Shiqi had a very important role in the first half of the play and that their role must have been OK.




The last batch of nominees for TVB ideal Huang Rong's image in the primary were auditioned at Jiancheng studio yesterday, and supervised by Wang Tianlin and Xiao Sheng.

The ideal image of Huang Rong held by TVB was very enthusiastic. Nearly 3000 people were recruited, and more than 100 people were shortlisted in the primary. The results will be announced in the next few days



Gan Guoliang wants to be fresh

Gan Guoliang, the manager of wireless production, revealed that the audition of Huang Rong's role will be completed in one day. After the audition of all candidates, the selection will begin.

In addition to auditioning for the newcomers, wireless also invited people to perform in the film industry. Gan Guoliang talked about this matter yesterday and did not deny it. However, he said that Huang Rong in wireless's mind is a new candidate, which is fresh for the audience. But looking around the current film circle, all the actresses who can play have a certain age and can't give people a sense of freshness, so they have little chance to find Huang Rong from the film circle. However, he was willing to say that Huang Rong's candidate announced by wireless in the future will definitely give the audience a sense of freshness.

Although it is still some time before the announcement date of Huang Rong's candidate, there has been news on the radio that Qi Meizhen has been appointed as the role, and Wang Tianlin does not deny the possibility. But Gan Guoliang said that this kind of rumor is unfair to the film artist and will only cause psychological burden. If she is not the candidate for this role in the future, it will only have a more adverse impact on her. So he did not comment on the rumors.

As for the candidates for the leading role in the archery hero's play, Gan Guoliang said that at present, the styles of several Xiaosheng's plays are almost the same. He thinks that it doesn't matter who will play Guo Jing, and he doesn't deny that Huang Rihua plays this role.

至于射雕英雄传一剧的男主角人选,甘国亮表示,目前无线几位小生风格戏路都差不多,他认为郭靖一角由谁来担演分别 也不大,他也没有否认黄日华担演此角。


Wang Tianlin returned to Korea for travel, and Huang Rong was announced within days

It is said that the shooting date of the legend of the hero may also change. Yesterday, when he gave Wang Tianlin a certificate, he said he had not heard of it.

Wang Tianlin Zhou traveled to South Korea and returned to Hong Kong the day before, saying that the sculpture will still be launched on March 23 this month. He believes that the date will not change, but the shooting process will change. The shooting sculpture is 60 episodes, originally divided into three sections, taking 20 episodes as one section, but it is now changed to a complete play, and it is expected that all the materials will be destroyed during May.

As for huangrong, a audition will be conducted in Japan, and later there will be results. Who will perform Guo Jing is said to be huangrihua. Wang said Huang's voice was high.

盛传神雕侠侣押后至明年六月才开拍,故有人认为射雕英雄传的开拍日期,亦可能 有变动。昨向监制王天林证时,他表示未有所闻。


Shooting Taiwan for location

Wireless's main production, the biography of Shooting Heroes, will be officially filmed on the 23rd of this month. Although the candidates for the new play have not yet been announced, most of them have been decided. For Guo Jing, it is decided that Huang Rihua will perform. At the end of the month, the shooting team will go to Taiwan to shoot location, mainly shooting Guo Jing's part.


Huang Xiaorong, the heroine in the play, has been the most famous in the public. A press conference will be held this afternoon.

Who is Huang Rong? A few days ago, wireless released a list of four ideal images of Huang Rong for re examination and four half length photos of audition costumes. They are: Weng Meiling, LV Jinghong, Li Yanshan and Han Shaoling. Has Huang Rong been born among them? Or the wireless planner's move is a deliberate move to make people guess among them. When he suddenly announced that someone else was there, it caused a stir, and it's hard to say that he would get better publicity effect. Among the four finalists released, it seems that they haven't reached the most ideal candidate. In particular, wireless has taken a high degree of confidentiality measures for Huang Rong. It's said that no one can hear anything except a few senior executives and producer Wang Tianlin, so that everyone can guess.

Yesterday, it was widely said that Weng Meiling had the highest chance of winning the election. But when asked about Weng Meiling, I don't know whether she was pretending or didn't tell anyone, even the winner, until the last quarter of an hour. Weng Meiling said that she did not receive the notice, only heard some people say that she has been selected, but she did not believe it, except for the company's official notice. She also said that she would be very happy if she was elected, but she would have a heavy psychological burden, because she has never been in a play and is currently busy shooting thirteen younger sisters. When Weng Meiling was interviewed by telephone yesterday, her voice was very calm and she seemed to be prepared.

Although Weng Meiling was not elected in the election of sister Hong Kong, she was very lucky when she took part in the audition when the wireless legacy material was recycled. She was not only assigned to preside over women's new appearance, but also was assigned to play in the drama, which made others envious. Later, when Huang Rong was publicly solicited, the company asked sister Hong Kong Liang Yunrui to participate in the audition, and another one was her. Liang Yunrui was defeated by her in the selection. Even if she could not choose Huang Rong, she would have enough face.

Since wireless solicited Huang Rong, more than 3000 application forms have been received, and Weng Meiling has become one of the four ideal images of Huang Rong.

In the past, Huang Rong was played by Michelle when she filmed the biography of Shooting Heroes on Jiashi. Michelle is young and beautiful, pretty and smart, and has martial arts skills. She is very charming. Zhu Yu is ahead. Today, no matter who plays this role, there will be psychological burden and great difficulty.



Ideal huangrong corner, announce dust settled

After months of audition and selection, the heroine of the story of the archery hero was finally unveiled yesterday, with Weng Meiling playing Huang Rong. Accompanied by the wireless senior management, he attended the press conference.

Huang Rong's press conference was attended by Deng Weixiong, Xiao Sheng, Wang Tianlin, he Jialian, Qiu Guocai and Weng Meiling.

According to Deng Weixiong at the meeting, he has received more than 3000 letters to solicit the ideal role of Huang Rong. At the same time, he has had multiple auditions in the past month. He said that the first audition was for Liang Yunrui, Weng Meiling and Liu Hongfang, the second one was for public selection, and the last one was for the four beautiful women who had been re examined recently.

After that, it was decided to choose Weng Meiling to play Huang Rong. As for the other three losers, wireless is currently in contact with them. If the other party is willing, it will sign a contract to become its artists and arrange to perform in the shooting sculpture.

Xiao Sheng was one of the judges who selected Huang Rong. He pointed out yesterday that the beautiful women who participated in the first audition were Liang Yunrui, Liu Hongfang and Weng Meiling. Because she thought Weng Meiling was talented and quick to act, she was chosen as one of the leading roles of the thirteen younger sisters at that time. However, it was unanimously approved by the jury that Weng Meiling was the most suitable actress to play Huang Rong.

Wang Tianlin also thinks that Weng Meiling's style of playing Huang Rong is ideal. He is convinced that this little girl can also play Huang Rong from young to old. For the sake of fairness, he has proposed to broadcast the re examination segment of selecting new people in today's K 100 program, so that the audience can understand that wireless is not biased at all.

Weng Meiling, who was selected to play Huang Rong by the top management of wireless, was surprised and pleased yesterday. She said that the news of the election was only known yesterday morning, so she was not ready for the future performance.

Weng Meiling said that she was very happy and lucky to be selected to play Huang Rong. She said the company would do its best to give her this good opportunity. Many people expect to play Huang Rong and become a red star in the future. In this regard, Weng Meiling believes that whether she will become popular or not depends on her own efforts. She is confident that she will win. Weng Meiling participated in the selection of Hong Kong sister, but she was defeated. Now she has chosen Huang Rong, but she has more than 3000 candidates. Weng Meiling laughs that this is a blessing in disguise.



Huang Rong is both surprised and happy to be selected

Both Wang Tianlin and Deng Weixiong think she is the best candidate

Wireless announced the ideal candidate for Huang Rong yesterday, and the result was that the popular Weng Meiling won. Wang Tianlin believes that Weng Meiling is the best candidate among the newcomers. Besides, she has the experience of appearing on camera and is well-known. In the first audition, among Liu Hongfang and Liang Yunrui, her appearance has come to the fore; she has a dance foundation, and when she plays sword, she is very beautiful and flexible, so she is the ideal candidate. Deng Weixiong thinks that Weng Meiling is very close to the character Huang Rong in the play. After repeated selection, she is the most suitable one.

The two leading figures in charge of the story of Shooting Heroes agree that Weng Meiling is a suitable candidate. I believe they can't be wrong. Now it depends on Weng Meiling's own efforts.

Weng Meiling said that when she returned to the company yesterday morning to record women's new looks, she received a notice from he Jialian. Her first feeling was that she was very happy and surprised, because she never thought she would be Huang Rong. In addition to being happy, she also has a lot of psychological pressure. The outside world has always thought that Michelle played Huang Rong best, and said that this role is difficult to do. She was afraid that she would not be able to play, but she would try her best. However, she thought she was a lucky one. She said, I'm not a compulsive person. I'll be happy if I have something to do. I won't watch the shooting drama made by Michelle. I'm afraid of being influenced by her. I just read the novel and try to figure out the role by myself.

Do you think Huang Rong is pretty enough? I don't know whether it's pretty or not. It should be seen by others.

Do you feel like winning? Now I don't have it. If I do this role well, I will feel victorious.

She is afraid that she is not competent and hopes that the company can arrange her to participate in special training. She is going to make a long distance call to her mother in England to let her know. The audition process of her and the other three finalists will be broadcast on k100 tonight, and the audience will know her performance.



Wang Tianlin said that her appearance was closer to Huang Rong's and she responded well in the audition, especially in martial arts.

Wireless solicited Huang Rong's role for a play about Shooting Heroes. Yesterday, it announced the results that Hong Kong sister Weng Meiling was not elected to play Huang Rong's role. According to Wang Tianlin, the producer of the legend of Shooting Heroes, the result was decided by the company, and he was only informed of the decision a few days ago. However, he is quite satisfied with the result. Wang Tianlin said that the four newcomers (except Weng Meiling, the other three were letter candidates) initially selected had their own advantages. Weng Meiling's appearance was closer to that of Huang Rong in the biography of the shooting hero, and her reaction was quite good. Her civil and martial arts performance was good, especially in martial arts. Although some people criticize Weng Meiling for not being clever enough, Wang Tianlin is not worried about it at all. Wang Tianlin said that she did a good job in making a k100 interview.



He said that he was blessed by the God of fortune. He was excited to inform his mother who lived in England

Weng Meiling stood out and was selected by wireless to play Huang Rong. She only received a notice from the company yesterday morning. She said that after hearing the news, she felt very surprised and lucky. She wanted to inform her mother living in the UK of the good news.

Weng Meiling has been fond of dancing since she was a child. Since joining wireless, she was first arranged to host women's new appearance, but she is not very interested in hosting the program. She has always been longing to play in the drama. Recently, she finally got her wish and was assigned to play thirteen younger sisters. This time, she was lucky to play Huang Rong, which made her excited and satisfied her wish to play in ancient costume.

Weng Meiling auditioned for Huang Rong twice, but she stood out among many people and asked if she had a sense of victory. She said that at present, she is still in a happy stage. In fact, when she plays Huang Rong, the pressure is not light. If she can perform successfully in the future, she will feel a real victory.

Weng Meiling bought the archery hero's novel a long time ago, but she has no time to read it all the time. Now she wants him to step up and finish the whole book to figure out the role of Huang Rong. However, she will not refer to the videotape of Michelle performing Huang Rong to avoid being influenced by her. Weng Meiling said that her Cantonese is not very fluent and she needs to make up for it so as not to affect the performance.



1982 November 12: press conference due to selection main part Legend of the condor






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