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11 october 2014

Kent Radio Interview

The full article can be found in the link below. Only the relevant parts about Barbara are translated. The parts where he talks about his several marriages and his children are left out.



Next year(2015) is the 30th anniversary of the death of the favorite star Yung Mei Ling. There are still many people who consider Kent Tong's other love affair was responsible for her death. Kent, over the years, has chosen not to respond to that event publicly, until now. Two years ago when his good friend Michael Miu was asked about the matter in the talk show "Lu Yu", Miu did an vindication for Kent. Miu said Kent at the time of the incident had already broken up with Yung, so her suicide had nothing to do with Kent. Regarding this, Kent responded positively, "I am very grateful to Michael Miu, but also feeling very sorry for him for taking the blame by others afterward. It had been so many years, and she was such a wonderful person, it's pointless to destroy her legacy, so I don't need to be vindicated. I left her for the reason the Media had reported. In our work, we have no personal freedom, one needs to ignore those reporting which might cause bad feelings." When asked if he felt being a "scapegoat" without vindication, he replied, "as a man, I can take it! Everything will take its course, and I have survived then. God will know if I was a good man or not, what happened have also made me to take a more positive outlook on life! "

Kent had commemorated Yung in a blog some years earlier. When asked will he still miss the old love that has died, he said: "I had missed her for so many years already, if I still miss her, it would not be fair to my wife. Life is like a lot of pictures, it is impossible for me to delete all of the past, but I also have to focus on the current life! When asked if there will be a commemorating event after her death for 30 years, Kent replied, "I find it difficult to hold one, whatever I do will be criticized by others, saying I just opt for publicity. I also have family pressure, so now I try not to ever mention this past event, not to mention about her! "

明年2015年就是一代红星翁美玲逝世30周年,时至今天,仍有不少人指汤镇业花心害死翁美玲,多年来汤镇业都 不曾公开回应事件,但这次专访被问及好友苗乔伟两年前曾于内地节目《鲁豫有约》为汤镇业平反,指外间不了解当年事发时汤镇业与翁美玲已分手,翁美玲自杀与 汤镇业无关。汤镇业正面回应说:"我很感激苗乔伟,同时又感到很抱歉,因为他为了我被别人指摘。不过都这么多年了,她是一个那么美好的人,无谓摧毁她,所 以都不需要平反了!当年离开,是跟报导有关,做这一行没自由,不开心的报导就别看。 (不平反不会觉得自己"背黑锅"吗?)作为男人,撑得住!所有事情都是注定的,反正我也捱过了,上天会知道我是不是个好人,这些事也令我更积极面对人 生!"
汤镇业早年曾于微博发文纪念翁美玲,被问及会不会记挂已去世的旧爱,他说:"都挂念了这么多年,如果现在我还非常想念她,对太太也不公道吧!人生的确 有很多画面,也不可能将过去全部删掉,但也要看目前的人生吧!(于翁美玲逝世30年有悼念活动吗?)我也很难做的,做什么也会被别人骂、说我搏宣传,我也 有家庭压力,因此我现在都尽量不再提这件事情、不提及她了!"

(thanks to eblc2006 for finding and translating this article)

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