Hence, she believes that it is appropriated to sign an addition 5 years contract with TVB. 覺簽長約是應該

Newspaper Name:  華僑日報

Date: 1985年1月23日

Yesterday afternoon, Yung Mei Ling was playing in “The Rough Ride”.  She was asked about Tong Chun Yip who is filming in Taiwan.  She said: “We keep in touch.  Tong Chun Yip told to me that his Chinese language (Mandarin) is bad.  Just a few people understood what he said.  And, he will return to Hong Kong in early next month. “

Journalist asked her if Tong Chun Yip had given her some advice on her 5 year contract with TVB.  She confessed Tong Chun Yip did not give her any comment.  People always say signing a contract is a personal matter so it should be decided by oneself.  She reckons that TVB gave her many chances to be famous.  Therefore she must be thankful for all the elements and processes (both past and present) that allowed her to enjoy that humble cup of water. “(note from translator “This is Chinese idiom – Don't forget where your happiness comes from.”)

(thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)


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