Singapore New Matilda 26 May 1985

Reprint of Mr Wong Wai Leung's article published in Hong Kong on 15 May 1985,  Beauty must fade away

edited by Wong Wai Leung
Shatin Literature Series 3
University Sketches
Author: Huang Wei-liang
Hong Kong Publishing Company
First Hong Kong edition, December 1985 

Must Beauty Fade Away?

The evening of this episode of the serial came to a climax with the death of Yung Mei Ling's poignant essay,

Wong Wai Leung (黃維樑) / Prose.

Your big eyes, full of spring flowers and autumn water, burned with jealousy, and the flowers burned with boiled water , saying, "I'm not going to be that generous!" With those words out of your mouth, you retire in anger. Who would be generous when the man you love is with another woman, in a triangle? How can you, beautiful and affectionate as you are, pretend that nothing has happened when you have been hurt?

The following day, news reports brought shocking news that your eyes, flower-burning and water-boiling, wise and clever, were covered forever. Twenty-six years old, alas, after 26 cycles of spring flowers and autumn months, you had gone to another world. Li He was only 26 when he left, and Keats was only 26 when he left.

In the eyes of the flowering branches and grasses, the little white girl has long red cheeks. Li He is writing about you! After graduating from the Central School of Art in the UK, you went to Hong Kong to compete in the Miss Hong Kong pageant, then played the pretty Huang Rong in a TV series, fell in love, became popular, and then, like a cloud of fragrance, you discovered the heartless spring breeze instead of the Prince Charming in your heart. You are a flawless fairy in the words of Keats, with your hair on your shoulders, your steps light, your beautiful eyes looking forward, but you are not a "heartless beauty", you are loving, affectionate, affectionate and pure. If there is love in heaven, there is also love in old age. Alas, the sky is not yet old, but the person is already dead. That night, the night is young, the night is tender, tender is the night. However, tender is not yours, the wounded heart is no longer young, the temptation of death is great, the shadow of death seems to be a gentle embrace, a strong embrace, and you fall in love with the comfort of death. The gas wafted fragrant and peaceful. Beauty cannot keep its brilliant eyes, Beauty becomes pale and thin as a ghost, Beauty dies, Beauty that must die! 

Where will it go? To the alabaster house of Nagy? To the green pastures of John Arcadia? Perhaps, coming from an art college, you can find love and tenderness in the poems of Li He and Keats in another world. Nagi and John, surely, will salute you in song, in the form of an ode, writing poems for you, the kind of poems that are dedicated to you with sweetness and tenderness. The grass is like grass, the pine is like a lid, the wind is a garment, the water is a gown. The oil-walled carriage, waiting for you at sunset. Waiting for Changji to wait for you, waiting for John to wait for you, although the fireworks are not easy to cut, but there are poems to tie the knot. The dew of the orchid, like the crying eyes, like the weeping spring flowers and autumn water of the fullness of the big eyes.

Human fragrance must fall, beauty must fade. That night, how many people marveled at the beauty of your eyes on the screen. The next day, the person and the eyes were gone. Was it a vision, or a dream? Was it a vision, or a waking dream? Must beauty fade away?

Note: The poems quoted here, by Li He and John Keats, include Li He's (790-816) 'The Southern Garden', 'Su Xiao Xiao', and 'The Journey of the Yanmen Tai Shou'. Keats's (1795-1821) La Belle Dame sans Merci, Ode to a Nightingale, Ode on Melancholy. Written in Hong Kong on 15 May.

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新加坡 新明日報 26 May 1985

#怀念翁美玲# 文章:


那一夜,夜未央,夜尚年輕,夜尚溫柔,tender is the night。然而,溫柔不是你的,受創的心不再年輕,死亡的誘惑很大,死亡的陰影彷彿是個溫柔的擁抱,是個強有力的擁抱,你遂愛上了舒適的死亡。煤氣飄着芬芳,飄着詳和。美麗保不住燦爛的眸子,美麗變得蒼白,如幽靈般瘦弱,美麗死了,美麗必須消逝( beauty that must die )!
嫣香必須落,美麗必須消逝。那天晚上,多少人爲你熒幕上美目的顧盼而讚嘆。翌日,人與明眸俱逝。這是人生,是戲劇?是真實,是夢幻?Was it a vision , or a waking dream 天若有情天亦老?美麗必須消逝?
[ 香港電視明星翁美玲在一九八五年五月十四日凌晨中煤氣毒去世,感而成篇。篇中多引述李賀及濟慈 John Keats 詩句,包括李賀( 七九〇 — 八一六 ) 的《南園》,《蘇小小》,《金銅仙人辭漢歌》,濟慈( 一七九五 — 一八二一 )的 La Belle Dame sans Merci , Ode on a Grecian Urn , Ode to a Nightingale , Ode on Melancholy。]

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