Yung Mei Ling said: The length of the agreement is not to long.

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A magazine interview in February of 85.
        Everyone is making a new five-year long appointment for TVB, obedient, stubborn, and helpless, but a few months ago, Yung Mei Ling was the first artist to sign this contract. You must not admire her decisiveness and boldness.

        The reason that Yung Mei Ling signed the contract is that she was very satisfied with the pay. This number, of course, cannot be disclosed. However, Yung Mei Ling has carefully considered it before agreeing to sign the contract.

        What's more, "TVB is good for me. Although I'm not a training class student, I haven't gotten rid of the TVB since I finished the eagle. I have one episode after another. When I apply for a vacation on the stage, the company relocates me and I want to drink. "Ya Won's theory analyzes her contracting reasons.

        "You don't think it's five years too long?"

        "To me, it's not too long. Because I didn't plan to get married for a couple of years, I still need to work. Now concentrate on working and saving money, and I'll be comfortable in the future."

        "Have you ever thought about getting married after the wedding?"

        "If, after getting married, the environment permits, of course, it will not work, concentrate on taking care of the family, or have no interest in doing so, naturally no longer do."

        "It seems that you have no plans to use filming as a lifetime career?"

        "The main thing is to look at later interests. It is a very hard thing to do a job that is not interesting!"

        Listening to Yung’s tone, her ambition for the cause is not great. She also said that the ideal of marriage is to take care of the family, and the work can be avoided. Ya’e’s future husband is blessed.




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