TVB looks for successor of Elizabeth Wang Ming Chuen.  At an advantaged position, Yung Mei Ling needs to stay away as far as possibly from being involved in any affairs.

Picture: Yung Mei Ling does not dare to boast and she just tries her very best to improve her performance.

Newspaper Name:  工商晚報

Date: 1984年8月1日

TVB plans to seek a successor of Elizabeth Wang Ming Chuen.  Yung Mei Ling is a one of five candidates.  However, she says: “Until now, I did not receive a formal notice from TVB so I am not sure if it is true.”  Yung Mei Ling also says: “I am still learning everything.  If I am chosen by TVB as Elizabeth Wang Ming Chuen’s successor, I will do my very best and enrich my knowledge as it is risky high position.” Apart from putting in a lot of effort, a successor must not have any affairs with a male.  Is Yung Mei Ling willing to do this (leave her boyfriend)?  Yung Mei Ling said that she at the moment is not involved in any affairs especially love affairs.  She is able to avoid getting involved in any love affairs as far as she can.  So, this part is not a problem. 

As for public image, Yung Mei Ling says: “Until now, I just work in entertainment industry for one year more.  There has a long path to reach my goal so I won’t create a unique self-image so that I can perform different roles.” Among a number of superior artists, Yung Mei Ling admires Louise Lee Sze Kee.  Besides, Yung Mei Ling sees Louise Lee Sze Kee as an example to learn from.  Louise Lee Sze Kee can perform well in different roles.  Not to create a unique self-image has benefits.

(thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)



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