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For Mother’s Day Yung Mei Ling gave a present to her beautiful nominal mother Lee Heung Kam.

Newspaper Name:  華僑日報 

Date: 1984年5月16日

Last week Lee Heung Kam held a ceremony to celebrate being nominal mother for nominal daughter Yung Mei Ling.  Yung Mei Ling treated her nominal mother very nice.  During Mother’s Day, Yung Mei Ling had made her nominal mother a present.

Yesterday, Lee Heung Kam came back to TVB to film Enjoy Yourself Tonight (EYT) and picked up that present at the reception counter.  Lee Heung Kam said that Yung Mei Ling had invited her to have lunch together.  However, she did not have time to attend. Now Yung Mei Ling has gone on tour in Kuala Lumpur and Lee Heung Kam did not see her off at airport.  That is the reason why Yung Mei Ling left the present at the reception counter. 

When Lee Heung Kam received the present she opened it.  This present was a crystal ornament with a Mother’s Day greeting card. The Mother’s Day greeting card she had written “Beautiful nominal mother and …etc.”.  Lee Heung Kam was delighted with her present.

As for her other nominal daughter Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying, Lee Heung Kam said that she had not yet received any gift from her.

(Thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)

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