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During the filming in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, Yung Mei Ling had many difficulties (from injury to inflammation).   Fortunately, her performance was appreciated by the viewers although only two episodes with her have been shown.  It made her very happy.

Yung Me Ling says: “If the viewers like her performance, it is worth working hard for.  From the newspaper, I acknowledged that the audience rating of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” now is very high.  It proved that audiences love to keep watching this tv series.  I must put a lot of effort in it to keep the viewers rating high or make it even higher.”  

Thinking back.  The producer of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” and its Kung Fu instructors all praised her for her cleverness.  Besides, she can work hard. Her dedication and independency is beyond compare.  Hence, they have confidence in her and they know for sure that she will act Huang Rong well.   As expected, Yung Mei Ling can play the role (Huang Rong) well.  She can perform Huang Rong as a charming sweetie.  Her smile and her eyes draws the viewers’ attention.  We all admired her, as a new comer, she can have such good performance. 

She humbly says: “Don’t praise me too much!  My performance is not so good. I am so grateful to TVB for the precious chance they have giving me.  I also appreciate that the viewers accept me.  This is my first step in my career.  If it is stable, I will try the next step where I hope I can perform in as many good programs as possible.”

Absolutely, Yung Mei Ling is a clever girl.  It is believed that her intelligence will give her steady work in the entertainment industry.

(thanks to Kitty for translating this article)

This article was also published in the Sing Tao Daily News on 14 March 1983



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