19830913 Taikunpao


1983 September 13: Yung Mei Ling is annoyed  about gossip.

Yung Mei Ling expressed that she is very unhappy about the rumor regarding her love affair with Shen Jinling's fiance.  She is worried that her mother would read about this gossip in a magazine, so she phoned her mother to explain what it is about and told her that she did not do anything shameful.  However her mother warns her to act on this rumor with caution.  Nowadays she rarely meets up with her boyfriend’s family members (Tong Chun Yip) and her boyfriend is unhappy about this gossip.  However, she is mostly worried that it damages her reputation.

Picture: Yung Mei Ling is feeling annoyed about the gossip. 

Newspaper Name:  大公報

Date: 1983年9月22日

(Thanks to Kitty for article and translation).

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