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The Legend of the Condor Heroes” is popular in East Asia. Yung Mei Ling is invited to go on stage. She hopes that Tong Chun Yip can join her.

Newspaper Name:  華僑日報

Date: 1983年11月19日

The third section of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” (A competition on Mount Huashan) has recently won a New York International Film and Television Festival Gold Medal Award.  The staff who made it is  very happy.  The main female character (Yung Mei Ling) said that she was just acknowledged this news from a newspaper.  She is happy as she participated in this awarded tv series.  However, she is planning to join celebrations.

At the moment “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” is broadcasted in East Asia.  The audiences’ react excitingly.  Yung Mei Ling will go on stage in Thailand.  With a smile she says: “It is very good time to go on stage in there as this tv series is now very popular there.  Apart from taking the ancient costumes with her, she will also bring the hitting dog stick (The Legend of the Condor Heroes’s gadget) as this stick is a symbol of Huang Rong.  “

A journalist asked if Tong Chun Yip will join.  Yung Mei Ling said that Tong Chun Yip is filming in a movie.  Earlier next month, he will have an outside scene in Manila.  She does not know whether he will be in time to return to Hong Kong and accompany with her to go to Thailand.  After the trip of Thailand, Yung Mei Ling will go to UK to visit her family.  

(Thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)

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