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Newspaper Name:  華僑日報 

Date: 1983年10月4日


Tong Chun Yip filmed an astonishing sexual scene 

He is not worried that Yung Mei Ling will be jealous.

At the banquet both Yung Mei Ling and Tong Chun Yip were present.  In the past, before the banquet had started, Tong Chun Yip would be playing mahjong.  This time, Tong Chun Yip is not the same as in the past, he just watches his girlfriend play mahjong. 

From hearsay, he had a sexual scene with Cherie Chung Chor Hung in the movie of “Maybe Its Love”.  This scene is very astonishing so Journalist asked him if it was true.  Tong Chun Yip did not want to answer.  So, the journalist asked him again.  He nodded with a smile.  Then, he answered shyly.  Suddenly, journalist was aware that Yung Mei Ling was next to him.  Therefore, the journalist mumbled to ask him if he is worried that his girlfriend would be jealous.

He said that his girlfriend is an understandable person.  However, it is not good to ask him such question when she is nearby.

(thanks to Kitty for this article and the translation)

(Just the part which is related to Yung Mei Ling is translated, the part that is related to Tong Chun Yip's work is not translated.)


Background information on Maybe It’s Love

A thrilling “whodunit” that weaves in and out of the lives of the residents of a small village. Sex and subterfuge bubble to the surface when the young coquettish Mrs. Wang disappears.

Trailer from movie Maybe its love


Quote from a reviews

"We see Cherie working out, dancing and partaking in an extended softcore sex scene."

"It's pretty wild.. and that's exactly why this so fun to watch."




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