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Being busy is Yung Mei Ling’s habit

During the rest period, she moaned that she felt bored.

She says: "I cannot spend all my spare time dating!"

Newspaper Name:  工商晚報

Date: 1983年8月19日

After filming of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” , Yung Mei Ling (re: Picture) took a rest for a while.  Recently, she starts to play in a new TV series “The Man in the Middle”.  Being busy is her habit.  For a previous short rest period, Yung Mei Ling felt so bored as she did not know what to do.  Yung Mei Ling says: “Taking a rest is good to me!  Unfortunately, nobody can accompany with me.  I don’t have many friends in Hong Kong.  On a normal day, I just talk to colleagues a lot.  When I am off the work, they are filming.  So, it is hard to get together for playing.  Now, I have plenty of time.  Despite dating, it does not use up all my spare time."

Tong Chun Yip is now playing in “The Romance of the Condor Heroes” so he does not have time to meet up with Yung Mei Ling.  That is the reason why Yung Mei Ling is constantly moaning about feeling bored.  However, Tong Chun Yip is good boyfriend.  Once he is free, he will be accompanied Yung Mei Ling or be a chauffeur to bring her to work and picks her up when she finishes work.  Hence, so far, Yung Mei Ling does not say any bad things about him.  Yung Mei Ling says: “If we always meet up, I will get bored.  So, I would rather to have fun with a group of friends.”  Is this statement really from the bottom of her heart?

(Thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)

19830819 TheKungSheungEveningNews Article02


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