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Newspaper Name: 星島日報

Date: 1983年5月27日


“To protect the good image of Yung Mei Ling, Tong Chun Yip respects privacy and will not talk their love affairs

Tong Chun Yip and Deborah Moore’s relationship has been ended.  Now many people focus on his relationship with Yung Mei Ling.  However their relationship develops not as fast as his last relationship.  Tong Chun Yip learned from the last love experience,  he admitted that he as an actor should not disclose his private life to public and Yung Mei Ling as a new comer should also not to disclose her private life to public as it will affect her image.

Tong Chu Yip said that Yung Mei Ling handles their affair more steady and more mature.  Besides they are both Chinese so he felt they are on the same page.  He frankly said he felt Deborah Moore was not suitable for him when they got together in the beginning.  At that time they deeply fell in love, he tried to pander her and she tried to pander him.  They adapted to each other.

Tong Chun Yip is not afraid that Yung Mei Ling will leave him when she becomes more popular.  During the filming of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” Tong Chun Yip has given Yung Mei Ling some advice.  Since he will leave Hong Kong for movie filming he is now is worrying about his stomach discomfort and his girlfriend but he says: In mid of June, she will be with Felix Wong Yat Wah and Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing to go on stage in Europe."

Although he broke up with Deborah Moore he does not have a grudge against Deborah Moore and he says:  “Deborah Moore should not have gone to that TV programme.  During an interview she was asked about promiscuity.  She is a foreigner so she did not understand what promiscuity is (in Chinese).  For a lady, this is not a good word.”

(thanks to Kitty for the artice and the translation)

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