1983 January 7: No boyfriend!  Yung Mei Ling spends time with her mother during celebrations and filming in “The Legend of The Condor Heroes” goes without difficulty.

 19830107 WahKiuYatPo OverseasChineseDailyNewsArticle01a

19830107 WahKiuYatPo OverseasChineseDailyNewsArticle02a


Yesterday, Yung Mei Ling was back at theTVB building to wait for the filming of an outdoor scene (“The Legend of The Condor Heroes”). She revealed that she accompanied her mother during her vacation at Christmas and at the New Year. She did not have any other activities when her mother comes from UK to visit her. Her plans were that on New Year’s Eve she will have a meal with her mother and they will play Mah-jong. With regards to “boyfriend”, she expressed that she has no boyfriend so she did not spend the Christmas holiday with a boyfriend. Her mother returns to the UK in three weeks time. So she will be alone during Lunar New Year.

Yung Mei Ling expressed that she it is very likely that she be filming “The Legend of The Condor Heroes” during Lunar New Year. Therefore she is not worried about having no activities. Yung Mei Ling expressed that she does not face any difficulties at this moment during the filming in “The Legend of The Condor Heroes”. On the contrary, she is very happy at work. And, she said that whatever happens, she does her very best to act this role.

At the beginning, TVB arranged an Kung Fu instructor to teach her kung fu. However, Yung Mei Ling said that it was not an official learning, she just learned a few simple steps which she practices at home. These few steps support her during filming.

Newspaper Name: 華僑日報

Date: 1983年1月7日

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