Yung Mei Ling leaves the job as TV presenter and goes to play as Huang Rong. Audiences will give their judgement after they watched it.

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Yung Mei Ling and Sum Kam Ling are hosts in "Woman's Today” but Yung Mei Ling’s presentation hours in this show are short. When Yung Mei Ling was chosen to act as Huang Rong in the "Legend of the Condor Heroes", she needs to quit the job in “Woman’s Today” and has to focus on playing in "Legend of the Condor Heroes".

TVB organized a competition to select “Huang Rong” and Yung Mei Ling was chosen. From hearsay, this result was pre-determined. TVB had already decided who was going to get the Huang Rong role. The competition was just a promotion action and not a fair match. Yung Mei Ling publicity expressed that she was not involved in this rumour, she did not know she would be a winner and she did not believe she was chosen at that time.

Journalist asks: Yung Mei Ling! You will play in a drama and so you must quit a job of TV presenter. Do you think it is good for you?
Yung Mei Ling responds: It is hard to say. Now I am capable of handling a job of TV presenter, I need to quit it. It is a real shame. It is the first a be performing a character in a TV-serie. If I perform the drama good, it must be absolutely better than doing a presenter's job. However, I do not know if my performing skills are good. I am not confident. Audiences will give their feedback when this TV series is released.

Yung Mei Ling and Sham Kam Ling hosted in “Woman’s Today”. At the same time, it was a Woman's Today yearly ceremony. They gave the celebration cake as a gift to an orphanage. It was unforeseen that she had to needs to leave this broadcast when the cake was delivered.

  (thanks to Kitty for the article and translation)

Newspaper Name: 華僑日報 
Date: 1983年1月1日
19830101 WahKiuYatPo OverseasChineseDailyNewsArticle01
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