Weng Meiling is an episode and did not dare to go to Oudengtai.


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83.9.22 Report of Overseas Chinese Daily

        Weng Meiling recently shot "Sandwich People". She was very tired because of the close shooting.

        Weng Meiling made her fashion show for the first time. What difference did she feel with the costume drama? According to her, she has a superficial experience of acting and does not know what the difference is. When she is exhausted, she just wants to sleep.

         Recently, there have been entertainment companies who invited Ms. Weng Meiling to come to Europe again. However, due to time constraints, it was only later that they were considered. She also believes that in fact it is even more ideal to go to Southeast Asia than to go to Europe. It is only because the latter can travel in a down-to-earth way. However, in order to make money, the future will be Southeast Asia as the first choice.



        Attached: This time, Aung did not make a trip in Europe. Miao Qiaowei, Huang Rihua, Liang Jiehua and Huang Zaishi went together. During the British stage, it was during the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 21st. A pedestrian went to Aon’s mother’s house to receive a guest’s visit. Attentive hospitality has become the most memorable part of this European debut. Huang Rihua: “On the same day, we went to the Mid-Autumn Festival at Weng Meiling’s home. Our aunt was very nice. We also made a lot of meals for us to eat. We talked and smiled and watched the moon. Really, the foreign moon is really bigger and rounder than Hong Kong. ”




04.24 10:29
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