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Yung Mei Ling has lost weigth but eats often spicy food now

 The Kung Sheung Evening News dated 9 May 1983  

Yung Mei Ling's food intake has increased a lot recently, and she desperately eats more nutritious food, because she is busy filming "The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Eastern Heretic and Western Venom " in which she lost weight fast. 

When she is free, Yung Mei Ling plays mahjong with a few good friends but she is not very good at it, but she still wins. "It's all because of luck. I have luck in everything I do. I don't know how to do it in the first place. The cards I want are drawn to me automatically." She said with a smile. 

Yung Mei Ling  is a Catholic, but she does as the Romans do, she also accept other Gods. "Any religion can guide people to be good. Anyway, if you do something that can make you feel at ease, why not do it!" Colleagues all go to Wong Tai Sin to worship God, and she also participates in it, and occasionally ask for a blessing for herself. 

When asked about the results, she only said: "Okay, I will remember it but if it doesn't go well I forget it, and my mood stays happy."

(thanks to Kitty for sending me the newspaper article)

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The same article was published in the Sing Tao Daily News on 30 May 1983 

With the headlines:

Yung Mei Ling believes that she is a lucky person.
She prayed and drew divination sticks at a temple. She got good sticks so she is very happy.




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