Weng Meiling's active pursuit, Tang Zhenye failed to accept it too soon

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"New TV" was published in January 1983, a very unfriendly report.
Note: On December 25, 1982, newspapers photographed Weng Tang out for dinner and were photographed by reporters. At this time, the love news of the two people has been reported, but in response to the reporter's inquiries, the two have denied each.

        Tang Zhenye and De Baona. Moya broke up and won Weng Meiling’s favor. In the face of inquiries, Tang Zhenye was not right. Because of Tang Zhenye and De Baona. After Moya broke up, he said that he should focus on his career and never put his energy into love.

        For this rumor, Tang Zhenye denied that he said that people in the entertainment industry were really sensitive and had been met once. They were rumored to be flying all night.

        "Where can I qualify for dating, earning a few thousand yuan a month, for the building has already paid a monthly salary for the car, even the film and the money for the stage to catch, and where to take the fees?" Tang Zhenzhen in a group of girls in the TV station There was a nickname called "Lianpai Soup". There was absolutely no banishment because he hadn't seen his heart yet.

        Since she was so handsome and naturally attractive to the opposite sex, it was said that Tang Zhenye did not pursue Weng Meiling. On the contrary, she took the initiative to date Tang Zhenye. In this modern age, the female chasing man was nothing, but Tang Zhenye said that he likes to take the initiative, Weng Meiling’s Actively pursuing, he probably can't accept it too soon.

        Weng Meiling is 23 years old this year. Tang Zhenye is 24 years old. The age of men and women, mature women and men, Ms. Weng Meiling has been in the community for many years. Her life experiences are very important. She knows the importance of mastering opportunities. She has nothing in Hong Kong. Depending on one's own efforts, strive for career and love. She has already had a good start in her career. She has the role of Huang Rong that everyone wants to play. She will take the initiative to fight for love. She has the opportunity to work with Tang Zhenye to perform "Thirteen Girls". The two meet each other every day. When to be.

        At the press conference held at the corner of wireless propaganda in the corner of Huang Rong, it was seen that Weng Meiling reclined Wang Tianlin’s picture in the middle of her neck and took a hand to help Deng Weixiong whip his cheek Qipo. Wang Tianlin and Deng Weixiong, one is the producer of "The Eagle Shooting Heroes" and the other is the producer of wireless production. Both of them have great influence on the future of Weng Meiling in the circle. She actively pursues what she wants and cannot lack courage. The career is bright, so love? The Goddess has a heart.

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02.24 15:47
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​ 注:1982年12月25日,报纸登出翁汤外出吃饭被记者拍到的照片。这时候两人的恋爱新闻已经传出,但面对记者的询问,两人都分别否认了。