19830122 underwater shoot


Yung Meiling was scared and nearly fainted when she was ordered to do the underwater scene again.

The Kung Sheung Daily News" reported on 83.1.22. ​​​

Yung Meiling is currently taking a diving scene with Dick Chen at Saigon Beach. Due to the poor effect of the shot, TVB ordered a retake. Yung Meiling was shocked and nearly fainted yesterday when she heard about it.

“Because the temperature is already dropping, it is estimated that the weather today will not be the same. It will get colder, and it’s a wonder that I’m not freezing when I’m shooting diving in this weather, so when I received the notice yesterday, Dangtang was frightened by Qingqing’s face.”

It is reported that when the diving scene was filmed in Saigon, the sky might be dark, so the effect of the filming was very poor. During the water battle, it looks like a chicken and a fish. If it is broadcast, it will definitely terrify the audience. Yung Meiling heard that the filming had to be done again today.

Yesterday, she instructed the staff to remember to bring brandy wine. When returning to shore from the sea, she poured a large amount of spirits into her stomach to keep warm. At present, "Shooting the Condor" is in the rush to shoot, and it will be broadcasted between April and May. Yung Meiling said that it was very hard to start filming for the first time. ".

On January 22 this year, which is the coldest day of the winter, our colleagues went out to shoot at the location according to the original plan with enthusiasm.

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