Weng Meiling stabbed Michael Miu Eyeball fibrovascular burst
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In the early morning of May 15, 1983, when shooting the scene of the “Impression of the East” poison gun temple, Weng Meiling took a shot to injure Michael Miu's eyes.
Since the shooting of "Eagle Shooting Heroes", several actors have been admitted to hospital because of accidents or health problems. Michael Miu, one of the male protagonists, said earlier that he is the only actor who has no record of injury. He was not expected to be stabbed by Weng Meiling when he was about to take the job. He almost turned into a cynical dragon.

         The day before yesterday (May 14) At 12pm, Michael Miu and Weng Meiling shot a match in Kennedy Town. At that time, Weng Meiling was a bit weary. When she was playing, she accidentally hit a dog bar and pierced into Michael Miu. His left eye was sore that he immediately screamed. Afterwards, the staff went down to the dressing room to rest and Weng Meiling also shocked. Afterwards, Michael Miu was accompanied by Huang Rihua and Weng Meiling and was admitted to the Baptist Hospital. He was still admitted to the hospital yesterday (May 15).

         Michael Miu said: At that time, he first felt very painful and subconsciously touched to see if his eyes existed, and later learned that there was no bloodshed and thought it would be OK to rest for a while. When I was expecting to rest in the dressing room, I noticed that my left eye was getting swollen and my vision was blurred before I decided to go to the hospital for examination. This is his first time in hospital.

         After examination by the doctor and X-rays, it was confirmed that the blood vessels of the eyeballs burst, but fortunately did not hurt the pupil. The doctor told the hospital to stay in hospital for observation for several days. Regularly dropped eye drops every day, but also quit. He said that some time ago the injured doctor had beaten his fingers and quit for a while, and he still has to quit, and it is really tragic.

       Michael Miu said that the shooting was the last martial arts show on the day and I could not imagine that the three or four days of the show couldn't be finished. However, fortunately, these scenes are not in time, so they will not hinder the progress of shooting. He said: "I still have three or four scenes in the family and the fighting scene is the last one. After that, I thought I could rest. I didn't expect "Yang Wei Xiang.""

        He said that he did not blame Weng Meiling, because Weng Meiling had been playing for a few days in a row and was very tired. When the film was shot, Wu Dao shot the gun. Everyone's time was not accurate until this happened.

        Huang Rihua, Weng Meiling, Yao Fengsi and his mother visited Michael Miu at the hospital. Michael Miu said that he also informed his mother yesterday morning morning that he had not returned home the night before. He called back in the morning and said he was in the hospital and frightened her mother! His girlfriend Yao Fengsi stayed with him in the hospital all night and returned home at noon yesterday.

翁美玲刺伤苗侨伟 眼球微丝血管爆裂
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​​​ 《射雕英雄传》自开拍以来,先后有多位演员因意外或健康问题入院。男主角之一的苗侨伟前些时曾表示过自己是唯一一个未有受伤纪录的演员,怎料他就在既将收工的时候,被翁美玲措手刺伤,差点儿变成独眼龙。

事缘前天(5月14日) 晚上 十二时,苗侨伟与翁美玲在坚城拍一场对打戏,当时翁美玲已有点倦意,对打时,一个不慎那根打狗棒直刺入苗侨伟左眼,痛得他立时倒地大叫。其后在工作人员掺扶下入化妆间休息,吓得翁美玲也大惊失色。事后苗侨伟在黄日华、翁美玲的陪同下入浸会医院检查,昨日(5月15日)仍在留医中。







source: https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404221769362861163 

Weng Meiling speculated that during the day on May 14, 1983, A Weng in the pink NACC sportswear put on makeup at the Wireless Headquarters and was about to go to Jiancheng for filming. At about 12 o'clock in the evening, (actually in the early morning of 5.15) A Weng injured Michael Miu's eyes at the Jiancheng studio. Anyway, the yellow costume that A Weng must have worn on 5.14 should be part of the Iron Gun Temple. According to the report, Michael Miu was injured and was helped by the staff into the dressing room. Afterwards, A Weng Huang Rihua accompanied him to the Hui Hospital. . . . Corresponding to the 12th episode of Huashan Lunjian, Yang Kang attacked Huang Rong at the Iron Spear Temple. . When Michael Miu was injured, he said that there were only three or four scenes, which was in line with the Iron Spear Temple scene. . . I took a closer look today. Actually, there were changes before Yang Kang attacked Huang Rong. There were differences in the position of the yellow flower on Huang Rong's head and the collar. It means that the palm of Yang Kang's attack on Huang Rong was taken later (it should be taken after A Miao was wounded). As for the scenes where A Weng injured Michael Miu, all the shots should be deleted. . There are many sets of NACC clothing Aon, presumably sponsored by clothing companies. It is possible that Aon, the curly hair clip, was still taking pictures at the entrance of the wireless branch on 5.14.

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翁美玲推测1983.5.14白天粉红NACC运动装阿翁在无线总部化妆然后准备出发去坚城拍戏,晚上十二点多,(其实是5.15日凌晨)阿翁在坚城片场把阿苗眼睛打伤。反正5.14日阿翁肯定穿的黄色古装,应该是铁枪庙戏份。看报道是阿苗受伤被工作人员扶进化妆间,事后阿翁黄日华陪他去㓎会医院的。。。。对应的是华山论剑12集铁枪庙杨康袭击黄蓉。。阿苗受伤的时候说只有三四场戏就煞科了的,与铁枪庙戏份也是符合的。。。今天仔细看了一下,其实杨康袭击黄蓉之前就有变化,黄蓉头顶黄花位置,衣领等都有区别。 说明杨康袭击黄蓉那一掌是后来拍摄的(应该是阿苗伤好以后拍摄) 至于阿翁打伤阿苗的镜头应该全部都删掉了。。NACC服装阿翁有很多套,推测是服装商赞助的。有可能5.14日卷发发夹阿翁还在无线分厂门口拍照的



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