The Business Evening News published on 21 March 1983 an article with the headline: "Yung Mei Ling is frank and confessed, there is no history of romance," 

There's always a sweet smile on her cheerful face, except for today, she seems tired.

' tired, aren't you ?' greeting from the interviewer.

' hum... Indeed' she nodded. ' didn't know acting could be so tiring, this character is a bit overwhelming.'

' are you regretting this ?'

'oh? No.' she explains ' things are getting better, I can definitely make it, besides the show is a hit, the efforts pay off. When the going get tough, I would remind myself that I must double my effort. Thinking of it now, I just don’t know how I have managed, and it send a chill to my heart."

She is such a straight forward person, and the interviewer goes with the flo, asking about her past relationships.

Honestly, I dont have any romantic story to tell. Study got my full attention during the 8 years in England and I didn't bother to have close friendship with foreigner, so I was not ever in a relationship. On the contrary, I was seeing someone before I moved to England, puppy love sort of thing, nothing serious.

In this case, Yung Mei Ling has not experienced the true taste of love, do you believe it?

(thanks to Jenny and Eblc2006 for the translation)

發布了頭條文章:《翁美玲賦性坦白,自言沒有羅曼史》 ,83.3.21<工商晚報>登出的一段採訪











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