Shum Kim Ling keeps waiting for a chance and praises Yung Mei Ling for her role of Huang Rong as she is very pretty.

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Yung Mei Ling was chosen to act Huang Rong in in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes".  Generally, she was taken care by the Lucky God.  On the contrary, other candidates do not have a such good chance.

Shum Kim Ling was with Yung Mei Ling in Miss Hong Kong contest and she won the Miss Youth's award.  And now she also acts as a host in "Woman Today" and her performance is also good.  However, she did not have the same (good) fortune as Yung Mei Ling.

Shum Kim Ling says: "Every person has their own destiny.  TVB aimed to protect my image as I granted a Miss Youth’s award before so I believed they will not delegate me to perform in other TV programmes.  I am the same as other candidates in Miss Hong Kong that do not have any chance to show our talent."

While working with Yung Mei Ling in "Woman Today", Shum Kim Ling and Yung Mei Ling became good friends.  As Yung Mei Ling's buddy, Shum Kim Ling is also excited that Yung Mei Ling got this chance.

Shum Kim Ling says: "I know she must get this chance to act as Huang Rong.  When TVB assigned Yung Mei Ling with Leung Wan Yui and Lau Hung Fong to cast a role of Huang Rong, I guessed she must get this role as she is very pretty indeed."

(thanks to Kitty for the article and translation)

Newspaper Name: 工商晚報
Date: 1982年12月3日

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