Kou Hongping and Barbara modelling in the K-100 pictorial autumn 1982, demonstrated fashion by the famous Hong Kong fashion designer Ma Weiming (Walter Ma).

19830100 k100

翁美玲 分析阿翁的家书中反映的细节(五)
1982.8.31寄出的信提到:“不觉已在无线做了二个月。开心的时候,便觉得自己一切已算不错;才二个月,已做了二个告白,又有人请拍戏,虽然无线同我推了,不准拍,但不开心的时候,便会感到彷徨、矛盾,或许未有机会做话剧,便害怕自己不能爬起来,虽然有人安慰说我只做了二个月,难道真是一飞冲天吗?很多人多年都不能出头呢?可是我并不因此而放心,因为我没有时间,我不能白白放几年在这圈子里,但这行真是「身不由己」,一定要有一年半载才摸到自己站在甚么位置,所以便感到彷徨,亦有人说我不大适合这个圈子,因为太纯了!”这里两个告白,一个是花王广告,一个是与寇鸿萍一起被无线的K-100画报邀请当服装模特,为香港著名时装设计师马伟明(Walter Ma)设计的秋装拍照。信中可见阿翁在别人眼中发展的一帆风顺,而她自己却感十分彷徨和不甘心。阿翁好胜的性格可见一斑。

Weng Meiling analyzes the details reflected in Aon’s book (5)
The letter sent by 1982.8.31 mentioned: "I have been doing wireless for two months. When I am happy, I feel that everything is not bad. Only two months have already made two confession, and someone has taken a film. Although the wireless is pushed with me, I am not allowed to shoot, but when I am not happy, I will feel embarrassed and contradictory. Maybe I have no chance to play the drama, I am afraid that I can’t get up, although some people say that I only did it for two months. Is it really a skyrocket? Many people can't make it for many years? But I don't feel relieved because I don't have time. I can't just put it in this circle for a few years, but this is really "involuntarily". It must be one and a half years to find out where I am standing, so I feel embarrassed, and some people say that I am not suitable for this circle, because it is too pure! "There are two confession here, one is Kao's advertisement, and the other is with Kuang Hongping being invited by the wireless K-100 pictorial as a fashion model to take pictures of the autumn clothes designed by Hong Kong's famous fashion designer Walter Ma. The development of others' eyes is smooth, but she feels very embarrassed and unwilling.

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