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Hong Kong TV magazine No. 891

Published November 29, 1984


[unveiling Weng Meiling's obstinate mask]

She admitted that she was a bit coquettish and coquettish, but she couldn't be rude.

 Unruly and capricious, she seems to be bound up with Weng Meiling. Since she played Huang Rong, her unruly character has become stronger and stronger. Now Weng Meiling plays sang Xiaojing in "Legend of the bat of Chu Liuxiang". What is her real face like?

 "Do you think I have the youth vitality? "Asked Weng Mei Ling.

 Youth vigor and unruly coquettish skin are two different things. Why does aong mix these two things together?

 "Listen to me! An energetic person usually jumps and dances. He looks like a happy man. I am! Usually jump jump tie, static can not come down, coquettish skin can be said, unruly is not. "Said Weng Meiling

 Sometimes, Weng Meiling loves to be coquettish. Maybe that's what makes a girl cute! However, she said that she would not go too far in this regard, and would like to stop it.

 "In fact, it's easy to mix coquettish and unruly. I love to be coquettish, and I'll become unruly and willful in the eyes of others, but I won't mind. It's ok if you're rude properly. "Weng Meiling said with a smile.

 It is also appropriate to be unruly. I believe this is a new theory created by Weng Meiling! However, regardless of her unruly or not, in short, her role of capricious and frivolous is the most real effect.

 When it comes to frivolous skin, it probably has something to do with her active personality. Don't look at her petite and hazy figure. In fact, when she exercises, her softness can be comparable to that of Lu Yide, a gold medalist in women's individual all-around gymnastics. Weng Meiling did several difficult movements in one breath and kept her posture when she took this photo. It seems that only when the photographer presses the camera shutter can she relax There are really some hands.

 "That's why real people don't show their faces. I can try it even if it's difficult. "Weng Meiling looks pleased.

 It turns out that Weng Meiling is very good at gymnastics. If she was not busy with her work and had no time to practice, she could have done better. When she knew she wanted to take a photo of vitality and frivolity, she was extremely happy because---

 "This is my true character. "

 Here, you know more about Weng Meiling!


Translated by Baidu translator

1984 11 29 TV weekly HK01

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