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1985 05 intelligence weekly01

There are kind elders around my father who lost my childhood
I can paint well under the guidance of my uncle

Weng Meiling’s death is initially believed to have no suspicious cause. However, due to the complexity of Weng’s family situation and an unidentified identity, the police have been unable to classify the case for a long time. Everything has to be formally classified after her relatives arrive to confirm the corpse and confirm the identity. At present, it is tentatively scheduled to be handled as a "suicide case".

Weng Meiling spent her childhood in Hong Kong, and her biological father died in an accident. Her mother decided to take Weng Meiling to settle in the UK with her to avoid touching the scene. It was 1970, and Weng Meiling was still the only one. Eleven year old girl.

Highly noticed

Weng’s mother is named Zhang Mingru, and Weng Meiling’s stepfather is named Liao Jintang, and the family lives in London. Liao Jintang runs a roast meat shop in London's Chinatown. Because of his famous name, local overseas Chinese call him "Youjitang". Later, Liao Jintang left London because he wanted to open a restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland. Later, Weng Mu and Weng Meiling went to a small town in Histon, Cambridgeshire to run a takeaway food store, specializing in fish and French fries.

Weng Meiling completed secondary school in Cambridgeshire, and then studied textile design at the Central College of Art in the UK. On February 18, 1980, Weng Meiling felt that "natural beauty is hard to give up", so she participated in the third Miss Chinatown election hosted by the British Chinese Chamber of Commerce and was elected runner-up. When she finished her studies, she was in London. After working in a company for two years, Weng Meiling was invited to be the emcee of the Miss Chinatown election in 1981. Her eloquence and appearance attracted the attention of local overseas Chinese. After that, she returned to Hong Kong and participated in the Miss Hong Kong election in 1982. She was once a "dark horse", but due to her body shape, she could not make it into the top three, but this also became her entry into the entertainment circle. Stepping stones. At first, she was assigned as the host of "Women's New Attitude", but after her acting potential was discovered, she was transferred to the drama team. Her first TV series is "Thirteen Girls".

The mystery of life experience

Weng Meiling is a talkative girl, but she rarely mentions family affairs even if she is a close friend. I still remember that when she first debuted, every time we asked her questions, a middle-aged man was always answering for her. When we asked her if he was her precious relative, she just said that he was the surrogate father and stopped talking. In fact, she had doubted her special background. Finally, it was reported that Weng Meiling was really an orphan. Her mother was only her surrogate mother, but she regarded her as her own. Therefore, Weng Meiling has never doubted her life experience, but she recently learned of her appearance, which caused depression. It doesn't matter if she has world-weariness. Weng Meiling's closest relative in Hong Kong can be said to be her Qi Niang, Ms. Chen. When Weng Meiling was three years old, she was given a deed to her, and Ms. Chen also loved Weng. When Weng Meiling was alone in Hong Kong, she was fortunate to live in Ms. Chen’s home. After Weng Meiling’s accident, Ms. Chen wanted to go through the formalities for Weng Meiling’s body recognition. But because there is no direct relationship, so to no avail. Later, we got the authorization letter from Weng’s mother to accept her claim. Ms. Chen's husband is a civil servant and lives in Tin Kwong Road, Kowloon.

Weng Meiling's uncle also loved her very much. In her childhood, he often taught her to paint, which gradually made Weng Meiling interested in painting, and every painting that Weng Meiling painted has a certain level.

In fact, there are so many people around Weng Meiling who love her, why do they think of committing suicide?


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