On September 20 1983, Barbara participated in the disco party held by actor and singer Danny Chan (Danny Chan Pak-keung) at "Disco Disco".


Disco Disco opened in 1978 at basement 40 , D'Aguilar street, Lan Kwai Fong, central, and closed in 1986.

The current position is volar club. G / F, Holly commercial building, 38-44 40 , D'Aguilar street, Lan Kwai Fong, central.

Information about DISCO DISCO

On December 23, 1978, disco disco was founded by Gordon huthart, the son of director general of Lane Crawford. Disco disco was called studio 54 (legendary club in New York City, USA) in Hong Kong. Gordon huthart was also known as "the real father of Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong". He really opened a nightclub in Lan Kwai Fong earlier than Sheng Zhiwen, bringing the culture of central nightlife. Disco disco was opened at a time when the music film Saturday night fever was on the upsurge. Disco disco became a hot spot in the evening and was famous for its avant-garde style. No wonder Madonna, sex pictures and Andy Warhol also visited disco disco when they visited Hong Kong. Disco disco also welcomed the gay community, which can be said to be the pioneer of gay bars in Hong Kong.

Admission on Friday and Saturday is $40 and includes two drinks.

From time to time, we will see the figure of Chen Baiqiang in Hong Kong. This photo (Fig. 12) was taken in disco disco disco, central in 1981. In the back is Madero, the dance king. Luo Wen and Zhang Guorong are also frequent visitors of DD, and they all deliberately dress up in style. (imagine disco listening to a laser and finding Rowan dancing next to you! )

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983年9月20日參加 陈百强在中環#兰桂坊# 舉行的 的士高派對 [打call]
地點在”Disco Disco“ (簡稱:D D) ,在1978年於中環蘭桂坊德己立街40號地庫開業,於1986年結業。

現時的位置是 Volar Club 。中環蘭桂坊德己立街38-44號好利商業大廈地庫。

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於1978年12月23日,由連卡佛總監的兒子GORDON HUTHART開設,DISCO DISCO當時堪稱為香港的STUDIO 54 (美國紐約市的傳奇俱樂部),GORDON HUTHART亦被譽為「香港真正蘭桂坊之父」,他確實比盛智文更早在蘭桂坊開辦夜店,帶起中環夜生活的文化。DISCO DISCO開幕之時正值音樂電影《週末狂熱》(SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER) 的熱潮,DISCO DISCO瞬即成為夜蒲熱點,以前衛有型的風格聞名,難怪MADONNA、SEX PISTOLS和ANDY WARHOL訪港亦曾經來過DISCO DISCO,DISCO DISCO亦歡迎同志社群,可說是香港同志酒吧的先行者。

星期五和六入場費$40 ,還包兩杯飲品。

當年在香港的DISCO不時會見到陳百強的身影。這照片(圖12)拍於1981年中環的DISCO DISCO,後面穿紅背心的是舞王麥德羅,羅文和張國榮亦是DD的常客,而且都會刻意打扮得很有型。(想像在DISCO聽著激光中時發現在你旁邊跳舞的是羅文!)