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Robert Hung (January 16, 1956 [1] - ), former TV artist, 1981 TVB 10 Artist training classes, the same period of training classes, including Andy Lau , Tony Leung , Wu Jiarui and Qi Meizhen . Prior to joining the training course, he attended clothing and window design in New York , and worked as a fashion designer assistant. After returning to Hong Kong to continue to develop in the fashion industry, at the time of the famous fashion shop Romano for a star for the image of the guide, including the red star of the year - Zheng Shaoqiu , Fu Sheng , Jenny , Zhong Zhentao and smoked Ni , then he opened Own boutiques. He often went to Italy , France and Japan to introduce the latest fashion back to Hong Kong. In the early eighties artists such as Anita Mui , Ren Dahua , Aaron Kwok and Maggie Cheung is also his long-term joiners, so excellent popularity in the entertainment circle, many beginners artists are looking for him to do the image. He joined Asian TV in eighty-eight years, and with Zhou Meifeng and Li Daohong to preside over the "live color" program. In 1992 he went to Taiwan TV industry development and Taiwan famous artist Chen Meifeng presided over the "fever wheat wind", "happy fax" and "star 100fun" and other programs, in 1993 on behalf of the Asian television to Beijing TV to do the Spring Festival party host, In 2004, more than a dozen artists, such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, In the young artists have a very senior and familiar with the relationship.

 Program host 
 Film performance 

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節目主持 編輯


電影演出 編輯

彩雲曲 (1982)
淫種 (1984)
精裝追女仔之3狼之一族 (1989)
緣份遊戲 (1989)
都市煞星 (1990)
黑社會 (2005)


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