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On February 27, Hong Kong movie star Wu Mengda died of liver cancer. Uncle Da is known as a gold medal supporting actor in the film and television industry. He has participated in numerous films and TV dramas.

The first time mainland audiences saw Uncle Da's performance should be in the 83 version of Hong Kong classic "the legend of the Condor heroes". In this martial arts play, he plays the role of elder Peng of the beggars' sect. In the play, he and the heroine Weng Meiling also have some rivals. Although uncle Da doesn't play much in this play.

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More information about Wu Mengda can be found at: https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh/%E5%90%B3%E5%AD%9F%E9%81%94




Wu Mengda (English: ng man tat, January 2, 1952 - February 27, 2021), a Hong Kong actor, was born in Xiamen, Fujian Province. At the age of five, he immigrated to British Hong Kong. He graduated from the No.3 training course for TVB artists in 1974. Most of his masterpieces are Cantonese Hong Kong films, and he won the best supporting actor award of 1991 Hong Kong Film Awards with "love in heaven". Many Wulitou comedies cooperated with Stephen Chow are famous for "Shaolin football" in 2001. In the 2010's, he moved to the mainland of China for development, representing "wandering earth".


Early life

Wu Mengda was born in Xiamen, Fujian Province in 1952. His native language is Minnan. At the age of five, he moved to Hong Kong with his parents and sister, and two younger brothers. That year, in 1957, there was a wave of fleeing from Hong Kong. My father works in the north and south of West ring. In his early years, he lived in the board room of Aberdeen fish wholesale market in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island, and later moved to the government low rent housing . I studied in Aberdeen polytechnic school and took mechanical courses during the semester to help my family with one skill .

How he entered the industry

Wu once noticed the drama "folk legend" broadcast by TVB. One of the performers in the drama was Lin Weitu, a factory colleague and a graduate of the first TVB training class in 1972. Because he felt that he could become an artist as well as the other party ], he applied for the 3rd TVB artiste training class in 1973. Meanwhile, Zhou Runfa, Lu Haipeng and famous director Lin Lingdong also entered the class. He graduated from the fifth place. In 1974, he began to perform in TVB, and almost all of them were supporting actors. His first performance was the "folk legend" series. It was not until 1979 that he began to get attention because of his performance of "Hu Tiehua" in the "Legend of Chu Liuxiang".

According to Wu Mengda, when he first started his career, due to his arrogant and uninhibited gambling habits, he not only owed a high gambling debt of HK $300000 in 1980, but also had nothing to do with it. He once thought of committing suicide in Chengmen reservoir. later, he cultivated his mind, studied the self-cultivation of actors written by Russian dramatist Stanislavsky and the birth of characters written by translator Zheng Junli, and made a new effort to study acting skills. Finally, he made a successful comeback and paid off the debt of gambling. He not only reappeared on television, but also appeared in his first film law enforcement in 1981. Wu Mengda later recalled that he was very grateful to chow yun fat for not borrowing money from him, otherwise he would not be what he is today.

Career peak

Wu Mengda's life-long works are mainly Cantonese films, and only when he was in Taiwan and Malaysia, he spoke his mother tongue Minnan with the staff behind the scenes.Wu Mengda has been in the film industry for decades. Only "gambler's continuation: gambler" and "fuse news" are the first leading actors, most of them are supporting actors, and a few are the second leading actors, which are typical supporting actors. However, compared with other full-time supporting actors, Wu Mengda is one of the few actors who have become popular in Chinese society by playing supporting roles. Many of his films are starred by other movie stars, such as Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and so on, but most fans' impression of Wu Mengda is that of Stephen Chow. He is best known for his comedic performances in 1989 with Stephen Chow in "the hero of the world" and "he comes from the lake". These performances opened up a more than ten years of cooperation between father and son on the screen. Since then, Wu Mengda has become popular, and almost all of his future films are starred by Stephen Chow. Since 1990, Wu Mengda has achieved great success by cooperating with Stephen Chow, and has participated in a number of Stephen Chow films, including "trickster", "gambler", "gambler", "Shanghai beach gambler", "truant Weilong", "Lu Ding Ji", "truant Weilong 2", "Wu Zhuangyuan Su Qi'er", "judge of death", "nine grade sesame official", "God of food", "king of comedy", etc《 Shaolin football, one-stop transportation and so on. In 1992, five films starring Stephen Chow made the top five box office performances of the year, three of which were also performed by Wu Mengda.

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