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Li Xiangqin was Weng Meiling's nominal mother. They have co starred in TVB's TV dramas, such as "king of rusty bridge" and "Legend of Chu LiuXiang's bat".


Hong Kong media reports 4-1-2021:

Famous Hong Kong actress Li Xiangqin died today at the age of 88. According to sources, Xiao Ziyun, Li Xiangqin's daughter, successively informed relatives and friends of her mother's death. Sister Qin was in poor health last month, and her family had made psychological preparations. Her good friend Tan Qianhong also confirmed her death in an interview with the media. She was very sad. She received a phone call from sister Qin qizai, saying that sister Qin died in the hospital at about 1 o'clock today. In recent days, sister Qin was not very comfortable and couldn't swallow food. She had to drink nutrients. Until today, she felt unwell. Her family was sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and died.

Li Ruiqin joined Guangdong TV station at the age of 14. Sister Qin is a consummate actress. For more than 70 years, she has played the roles of mother, mother-in-law and grandmother in TV dramas, so she is described as "the mother / grandmother of a superstar". Sister Qin has always been a supporter of her younger generation, and many of them are Qizi and QINV, including Wan Ziliang, LV Liangwei, Zhou Runfa, Ma Jingtao, Guan Juying, Zheng Yuling, Weng Meiling, Zhong Chuhong, Liu Dehua, Zhang Manyu and so on.

Sister Qin has performed a lot of works, including a sentence in "a good full moon in the house of soft hearted storm": "don't be surprised, I'm in the hall. In recent years, it has been the most popular. In 2011, sister Qin won the "wanqianguanghui performer Award" at the "wanqianxinghui award ceremony 2011", praising her past contribution to the film and television industry. Unfortunately, later, because of brain degeneration, sister Qin officially quit her pre screen work the next year. Her last public appearance was in March 2013 when she met with the top management of the TV station for dinner. At that time, she was going to be pushed in and out by her family in a wheelchair The spirit was still very good.

Tan Bingwen, who has been a good partner with Li Xiangqin for many years, died of cancer in September last year at the age of 86. Xiao Ziyun, Li Xiangqin's daughter, went to the mourning hall on behalf of her mother and was asked if sister Qin had heard of her friend's death. Ziyun said, "I have talked to sister Qin, but she has spiritual problems and different ideas. There's nothing to say that she didn't know her old partner was gone and she had an old partner in her heart all the way. As for sister Qin's physical condition at that time, Ziyun thanks everyone for their concern. She said, "I'm in good health. I just don't remember. It's like a child. I'm so happy. Just listen to her. "


Sister Qin had only one daughter before she died, but in the entertainment circle, there are so many children and grandchildren that many of the younger generations who have cooperated with her have become friends with her. The well-known stars are Wan Ziliang, LV Liangwei, Guan Juying and Weng Meiling. The new generation, such as Huang Zongze, Chen Fala and Li zhiting, all recognize Li Xiangqin as Qi. Wan Ziliang and sister Qin played mother and son in he comes from the lake. Later, they formally entered into the contract and often met with Qi's mother.

 After returning home, Guan Juying also had contact with Qi ma. Jujie mentioned in her interview that she decided to go back because she was thinking about taking care of her elderly parents. Besides, many Qima, who was good at playing Xigong, had to take over the role of "Xiqi" in "the storm of loose heart". In recent years, sister Qin is in poor health and inconvenient to get in and out. Sister Ju will visit Qima's home and chat with her for dinner.

 When she visited Weng Meiling, the daughter of Qi, who had committed suicide for many years, she still felt sorry. Sister Qin recalled that Weng Meiling was unstable and easy to cry before the accident. After finishing work together the night before the accident, sister Qin said she wanted to send Weng Meiling home, but the other party refused. Unexpectedly, Weng Meiling turned on the gas and killed herself that night. Sister Qin felt uneasy because of this. She thought that if she insisted on sending her home, the tragedy might not happen. Later, Weng's mother persuaded sister Qin, pointing out that Weng Meiling had tried suicides before.













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