1972 poem

本詩是阿翁在1972年於香港(中學時期) 作的一首詩,翁舅媽Sheila將它抄下來,送給影迷們

Dear Salia :

我把這首詩抄送給你 作為翁美玲送給你對她的懷念之情一點心意

雪 花 如 絮 心 如 醉
萬 里 惟 待 夢 相 聚
昔 日 友 情 難 再 有
今 朝 良 宵 倍 添 愁


(source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4551358584206216)

(translated by Baidu translator)


This poem was written by a Weng in Hong Kong (middle school) in 1972. Her aunt Sheila copied it down and gave it to fans

Dear Salia :

Please put this poem on the computer and send it to her fans.

I'll send you this poem as Weng Meiling. I'll give you some thoughts on her memory

Snow like flocculent, heart drunk

We can only wait for dreams to meet

Old friendship is hard to have

Today's beautiful night is full of sorrow

Weng Meiling wrote it in 1972.



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