In early august 1982 a reporter of the Broadcast Channel came accidently across the new presenter of “Woman today”. He did a short interview with her. That day she wore a pink shirt and white pants. She looked youthful and very eye-catching. The reporter didn’t want to miss this chance and took a series of pictures of her. Although she was not selected for a TV-serie, Yung Mei Ling is developing well. In the program “Woman today” she is the program host. Her TV appearance gets good remarks. There is great potential to be discovered yet.

"I still like to play drama." said Yung Mei Ling with a smile.

"Do you have any acting experience?"

"Yes ah, at school, I was an active member of the drama club too!"

"Well, well, I am here for you free advertising, I tell the television director, if there is any play that needs a heroine, then I say do not forget to think about Yung Mei Ling, okay?"

She listened to these words, and smiled

Yung Mei Ling lived in the UK for nine years, a few months ago she returned to Hong Kong. Her Cantonese is still a bit unnatural. But she looks so sweet whenever she pauses to search for the right words.

“比较来说,我还是喜欢演话剧。” 小妮子嗲嗲的一笑。



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