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Weng Meiling's 79-year-old mother lives alone

Fans want to take back the mainland to spend their old age in peace       

Report from this newspaper (chief reporter Hu Xiao) Although Weng Meiling has been dead for 21 years, her fans have never left.  On November 12, the Weng Meiling International Film Fan Association held a grand gathering in Beijing to commemorate TVB's official decision on November 12, 24 years ago, to play Huang Rong in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes".  Tang Zhenye specially sent Weng Meiling's never-before-seen private photos for the party.  And the reporter learned from the fans yesterday that Weng Meiling's mother is living alone so far. Mainland movie fans plan to bring Weng's mother back to the mainland to spend her old age in peace.

Tang Zhenye exposed Weng Meiling's private photos        In addition to Weng Meiling's fans from all over the country, the party also invited famous film critic Zeng Zihang and Tang Zhenye's agent Tan Fei to participate.  Tan Fei told reporters yesterday that Tang Zhenye specially brought photos that he has always treasured, including Weng Meiling's autographed photos and photos of the two of them together, several of which were exposed for the first time.  Tan Fei also revealed that after Tang Zhenye gave him the photo, he twice told him not to lose it, "I can see that he cherishes some things, and he has never forgotten them.

79-year-old mother Weng is still alone         Yesterday, the reporter learned from a Weng Mi who returned from the UK that Weng Meiling's mother, Zhang Mingyi, is 79 years old this year and currently lives in Germany.  Good." Another fan, Wei Zhengyi, also saw Weng's mother in front of Weng Meiling's tomb during the Mid-Autumn Festival: "The old lady is really old, slow to move, and very melancholy."

Movie fans plan to return to the mainland for their later years         Tan Fei told reporters that mainland movie fans hoped to bring Weng Meiling's mother back to the mainland to spend her later years in peace.  The relevant person in charge of the fan club revealed to the reporter: "The old lady is a very independent person. Whether this idea can be realized in the end depends on the old lady's own wishes." During the interview, the reporter also learned that many Weng Meiling fans in Chongqing also rushed to the meeting.  Beijing participated in the commemoration on the 12th.

Figure: Weng Meiling's private photos

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       本报讯(首席记者胡晓) 虽然翁美玲已经去世了21年,但是她的影迷却一直不离不弃。11月12日,翁美玲国际影迷会在北京举行了盛大聚会,纪念24年前的11月12日TVB正式确定翁美玲扮演《射雕英雄传》中的黄蓉。汤镇业特地为此次聚会送上从未曝光的翁美玲私家照片。而记者昨日更从影迷处获悉翁美玲母亲至今孤独一人生活的近况,内地影迷计划将翁母接回内地安度晚年。
        昨日,记者从一位由英国赶回国的翁迷处获悉,翁美玲的母亲张明仪今年已经是79岁高龄了,目前在德国居住,“翁美玲的母亲至今仍然是一个人,没什么朋友,而听力非常不好。” 另一位影迷魏正一也曾在中秋节于翁美玲墓前见到翁妈妈:“老太太真的很苍老,行动迟缓,情绪也很忧郁。”
        谭飞告诉记者,内地的影迷希望将翁美玲母亲接回内地安度晚年。影迷会的相关负责人向记者透露:“老太太是个很独立的人,这个想法最后能否实现还要看老太太自己的意愿。” 在采访中记者还了解到,重庆的很多翁美玲影迷也赶赴北京参加了12日的纪念活动。

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