Yung Mei Ling's article: man, where are you?

September 1983, Golden TV issue 422

1983 09 magazin01


I am a girl who loves to dream in the daytime. Really, I often think that if one day a fairy wants to give me a gift and ask me what I want, I will not hesitate to answer him: "please give me a person who really loves me".

In fact, I was filled with love and affection since childhood. My parents saw me as a pearl in my palm. My relatives and friends regarded me as a little princess. I've been spoiled by everyone. Why am I so eager for this "when you are my man, find me"?

I don't know. I always feel that there is still a lack of a person who is close to my heart. And this person is worth me to share my heart for him. I will always be together forever, and hold firm and sincere hands all the time. Can this only appear in a dream? Is my request too luxurious? My man, where are you?

There are many things worth our hard work to pursue in the world. But in my eyes, I hope to ask for only one thing, that is, sincere love, a companion who lives for me and teaches me to live for him. Don't laugh at me and moan without illness. I really feel a little sick, only because he hasn't been seen yet.

Where are you, my man?


Yung Mei Ling wrote this passage herself.

1983 09 magazin02

我不知道,我始终觉得,这个世界仍欠缺一个贴心贴肺锡我的人,而这个人也值得我为他掏出心肺,生死相许地永远厮守,一生一世互握着坚贞挚诚的手。这难道只能在梦中出现?我的要求是否太奢侈呢? 锡我的人儿呀,你到底在哪儿?

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