Yung Mei Ling's ideal boyfriend

(published in Ming Pao on February 27, 1983)

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Yung Mei Ling’s ideal boyfriend (Published in Ming Pao on February 27, 1983) 

After Yung Mei Ling was selected as Huang Rong, her popularity increased by three points compared to being the host of "Afternoon Tea". She is not complacent about this and often asks her seniors for advice on how to become more involved in the show. 

"I learned a lot when I played Huang Rong this time. At the beginning of the play, I played the beggar boy, who was quirky and playful. I also learned kung fu from a martial arts instructor. Everything was full of freshness." 

I used to be an assistant of a famous designer

She lived in England for eight years, while her mother ran a fish and chip takeaway shop in a town near Cambridge while she studied textile design at university.  Just after graduation, she was worked as an assistant by a famous local fabric designer. She worked there for half a year before returning to Hong Kong to run for Miss Hong Kong.

"When I was studying, I often went rowing in Cambridge with my classmates. Especially in summer, when the weather was around 20 degrees, when the sun was shining, everyone would run to the grass to enjoy the sunshine. Life was free and leisurely." 

She had twelve cats and two dogs there. Every time she took a walk with the animals, she would be surrounded by a large number of cats and dogs. 

My ideal boyfriend 

People in the industry have always said that she has a good personal relationship with Tang Zhen and the two get along quite well. The ideal boyfriend in her mind is tall, graceful and has the same interests as her. "Do you like someone who is more mature in terms of your age?" 

"I prefer not to be too far apart, otherwise we will look like our elders when we walk together." 

She smiled sweetly and said, neither denying nor admitting, 

"I don't have a particularly close boyfriend yet." 

"But many people see you walking hand in hand." 

"We are just started to be friends. No one can predict the outcome in the future. Those who have a harmonious relationship will of course become good friends. Let everything take its course. We will know when the time comes." 


She is beautiful and is often praised as a pretty girl. 

According to her, she blushed when we first met. "How do others praise you?"

 "People who like me will think that I am good at everything, and people who don't like me will dislike me in everything." 

She has been in the industry for less than half a year, and she has already turned a blind eye to the right and wrong in the industry. 

"If others want to criticize me, no matter what I do, someone will talk about it. However, if I hear rumors, I can think about it in reverse to make myself more comfortable. If others maliciously slander me because they are jealous of me, people's words are terrible, as long as I If you have a clear conscience, you don’t have to worry about right and wrong.” 

She knows how to drink, but she refused to drink too much because she was afraid that her face would turn red and her ears would be hot, which would make her lose her manners.

 "It's ugly when a girl loses her composure in public. It's better to drink soda instead of alcohol, because even a small amount of alcohol makes me blush."


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她甜甜一笑,既不否认也不承认说:「暂时我还未有特别亲密的   男朋友。」
「我们是开始交个朋友,将来怎样没有人预知结果,感情一直融洽 的当然会成了好朋友,一切顺其自然,时间到了就会分晓。」


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