19830717 Ming Pao

Ming Pao, July 17, 1983.

Reporter: Gu Meiling

Weng Meiling went back to England to visit her mother on the 10th of July when she went to Europe for a tour. She bought a famous watch to take with her to England. Because the price of famous brand watch is very high in England, Weng's mother told her to buy it in Hong Kong.

After performing the show of the Condor Heroes, Weng Meiling she decided that she love to play drama. When she came back from the stage, she planned to buy her own house.

 "Isn't it scary to live alone in the whole house?"

 "Sister Qi will accompany me. I have lived in my godmother's house for more than a year. Since I plan to develop my career futher in Hong Kong, it's better to buy a house."


Hates hot summer

When she lives in Hong Kong temporarily, the only thing that worries her is the heat in summer. When she walks in the street sweating, she will become irritable. So, she described herself as a captive in the air-conditioning room in the summer.

With her big bright eyes and sweet smile, she looks like a 17-year-old or 8-year-old girl at the age of 23.

On her birthday this year, she received an impressive gift. A female fan made a butterfly necklace and gave it to her in front of the TV station.

"At that time, I thought she bought it. Later, I learned that it was made by myself. I was very moved and promised that I would take this necklace with me for reporters to take photos in the future."


Praises Tang Zhenye

Tang Zhenye is emotionally focused on her, Weng Meiling has a good impression of Tang. She thinks that he is an honest and reliable man, he makes people feel safe.

The bright red rose is Meiling's favorite flower. She receives flowers from Tang Zhenye often.

She admits that they are good friends and that love is developing.

As a car lover, she often accompanies Tang Zhenye to enjoy the roads of Hong Kong.


Blushes easily

After drinking, Weng Meiling will blush. When she is praised for her beauty, her face will immediately blush like rouge.

"People who think I'm good, I'm perfect, and those who don't like me, will try to show where I'm not perfect. There are two extremes, one is that I'm sad, the other is that I'm happy and intoxicated.".

As a textile designer, she also has some experience in interior design. After buying the new house, she will design beautiful interior herself.

























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