My star career by Yung Mei Ling 

When I was in middle school, I lived in the UK. After living there for many years, I know very well what it feels like to be in a foreign land. Although, my mother has always lived there and has settled down. And she and I depend on each other, and Britain is my other home, but I still have to use the word "guest" because it is always a country of foreigners. When the people around me have red beards and green eyes, and talk about "ghost" ” words, but I still have black hair and yellow skin, so I really can’t feel a sense of belonging, let alone devote myself! 

However, in the early days of returning to Hong Kong, I was also very nervous. In the UK, at least I have my mother by my side, who can take care of everything for me and even let me lose my temper. Moreover, it is a familiar environment. No matter whether I am invested or not, familiar things will never bring fear. 

But after returning to Hong Kong, the place I once lived became a strange place, and I had to start from scratch. At first, I set a two-year "experimental period" for myself. During this period, I wanted to give myself a try here. Participating in the Miss Hong Kong contest was actually a result of my desire to try my best. I think life is all about trying, not whether you are selected or not. Becoming one of the fifteen selected Miss Hong Kong and being invited by TVB to be the host of "Women's New Look" also strengthened my desire to stay in Hong Kong and develop my career. 


Anyway, the two-year deadline has not passed yet, and I have gained a lot of valuable experience. I am actually willing to continue trying until I become Huang Rong. I know that I cannot resolutely go back to the UK alone because I already have my own affairs, my own friends and my own way of life in Hong Kong. My lifestyle is actually closely related to my career and friends. Originally, I never dreamed that I would become a star, let alone what a career in television would be like. Day and night are reversed, and the work routine is day and night (if this can still be regarded as a routine). Although I have no physical strength, I have to dance with swords and guns to become a heroine, etc. After work, I have to attend many receptions and banquets. , facing people from different walks of life, the most important thing is to exert strong endurance and restraint to fight against the sensational news about boiling water. 

Therefore, in my life, there are no commuting and work hours, no fixed daily work, and even no Fixed salary, but I love the lifestyle. It's a physically demanding life, but it's colorful. The loveliness of Hong Kong lies in the fact that it allows such a colorful existence. Hong Kong people work tirelessly and also know how to devote themselves to life to jointly create a colorful society. Seeing the current construction of Hong Kong, it is the same as when I was there more than ten years ago. What we see here is thousands of miles apart. I believe that Hong Kong will continue to prosper under the so-called "shadow of the future". Maybe this is just my wishful expectation, but we don't need to think too much and just try our best to do our part. 

Yung Mei Ling


1983 star whispers 


我的明星生涯 翁美玲











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