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No. 6 Candidate the beautiful Yung Mei Ling

6.  Yung Mei Ling
She is 23 years old, is 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 100 pounds, and works in textile design. She has a bachelor of arts degree from the Central Academy of Art in the UK. She loves sports and dances. She has the ambition to be a successful designer.

In the last issue of this journal, readers’ voices of the 30 beauties selected for the semi-final in the "1982 Hong Kong Sisters Election" were published. In order to give readers a deeper understanding of the beauties, the reporters of this journal have interviewed the beauties and conducted several personality tests, and I believe that from these tests the readers will have a better understanding of the personality of each beauty.

The first question is "If there is a magical power that can turn you into an animal, what kind of animal would you choose to be, and why? "This question is mainly about using the psychological induction method to reflect the interviewee's inner desires and ideas through external things. For example, when the respondent chooses more ferocious animals, it can mean that she is a person with strong dominance desire, and when the respondent chooses some beautiful animals, it means that he loves beautiful things and also reflects Out of strong self-esteem.

The second question is "If there is a magical power that can make you a male, what occupation and appearance would you choose? What are the reasons? After being a male, what kind of girlfriend would you like to make?" One question, readers will be able to see from Jiali’s answer to her maturity, whether she is sociable? What is your inner desire? What are the chances of reaching the top?

The following is the answer of 30 beautiful ladies:

6. Yung Mei Ling

* If I become an animal, I hope to become a swan. It gives people a sense of purity and tranquility, as if they have a world of self.

* If I become a man, I will be a businessman. Because I am involved in the business world, I have many opportunities to develop my personal temperament and strengths. I want to have demeanor and talent, and must be self-motivated.

* If my girlfriend is a feminine person, mature in thought, decent and understanding.

source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4540479666658587

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* 如果我變成動物,我希望變天鵝。牠給人一種純潔和寧靜的感覺,好像擁有一個自我的天地。

* 假如我變成男性,我要做商人。因爲投身商界,有很多機會發揮個人的氣質和優點。我希望自己具有風度和才氣,必須有上進心。

* 我心目中的女朋友要是一個具有女人味的人,思想成熟,做事得體和善解人意。

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